Miami's Cave of Swimmers on Touring the U.S.: "You Leave the State, It's a Brand-New World"

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Of the wild and weird animals in Miami's menagerie of heavy bands, Cave of Swimmers (formerly known as The Tunnel) is a particularly unique anomaly. Childhood friends Arturo Garcia and Guillermo Gonzalez have taken the power duo concept to a completely unexpected place.

Expanding and exploring their respective musical palettes and abilities together since the 4th grade, these two have developed a fire-breathing prog-metal style, fusing unbridled musical athleticism with gut-level chunk in a most satisfying and unexpected way.

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The band's performances have always left jaws on the floor in Miami, and, according to Garcia, had a similar effect around the country on the band's spring tour. Now hitting its stride, Cave of Swimmers is celebrating the rerelease of its debut full length on the Path Less Traveled Records, preparing for a sophomore offering, and booking dates for another tour in June.

We here at Crossfade caught up with Garcia to discuss the benefits of touring as a duo, the band's recent record deal, and what the future holds for one of Miami's most talked-about bands.

Crossfade: Tell me about the rerelease of the band's first full length!
Arturo Garcia: It's a label called the Path Less Traveled Records. Shroud Eater, from Miami, is also on the label. They're putting it out really nice, they're making really nice CDs. They've been supercool to us and we should be getting those CDs in the mail pretty shortly!

Where is the label based out of?
They're from a really small town in Illinois, like southwest of Chicago.

How did you guys get involved with them?
I had been looking around for labels that would be down to put out our CD and I sent some press kits to a few labels that I was interested in, and the fact that Shroud Eater was in there, it was cool that they were familiar with a Miami band. So, it was like, "OK, maybe these guys are into it," and some of their bands sounded kind of similar to us. So, as soon as I sent the press kit, I got a response back and they were game to rerelease our stuff -- they really liked our sound and they were glad to have us on board!

That's awesome! So, you guys recently got back from a big tour, right?
We got back in, like, mid March. It was sick! That was our first time out of the state, it was awesome! We had a really long drive because we wanted to cover as much territory as possible. We only had ten days, so we drove from here all the way to Chicago, stopped in between in Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and we made our way down through the East Coast.

It was a great experience and we were pretty well received everywhere that we went, so that made us superpumped, and now we're going to go back again at the end of June.

I presume people are having an easier time remembering the band with the name change?
Yeah, totally! We weren't afraid of doing it because we had never left the state! So, I know people in Miami were familiar with the Tunnel, but as soon as you leave the state, it's a brand-new world out there, and to everybody else, you're a new band. So, yeah, it totally worked out.

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