Cedric Gervais' Birthday Party at LIV: "This Is My Crowd, I'm Representing Miami"

Photo by Camillo Rios
Happy 35th, Cedric!

Miami's Grammy-winning DJ Cedric Gervais is turning 35. And for this milestone birthday, he's celebrating in straight-up 305 celeb style -- by throwing a mega bash under the bright, flashing lights of the Fontainebleau's fanciest nightclub, LIV.

"It's a family," the birthday boy says about the club. "They've been supporting me since I started. And basically, they've always been behind me."

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This is the second year that the French-born DJ will throw his own b-day party at the SoBe party spot. But this year, he'll be celebrating on the actual day of his birth.

"I'm really excited," he admits. "My schedule is getting crazy. My agent told me the days I was free and I said, 'Listen, I was born June 7 and I have to celebrate in Miami. It's my hometown and it's during the [Miami Heat] playoffs. I gotta be there.'

"I turned down other places for this," the DJ fesses. "Calvin Harris was booked that day [at LIV], but he was very kind and moved the date so that I can have my birthday."

Gervais may have been born in Marseilles, but the native of France has been living in the 305 for nearly 20 years. By now, he's got the blood of a true Miamian running through his veins.

"It's weird because I go to Europe and I feel I miss home, even if I'm in my hometown," he laughs.

"I love everything about Miami and living here is amazing. It's such a mixed world. There are so many different flavors. You have Europeans, Brazilians, Argentinians, everything."

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Haha. Kyle Haines and Marisa Altman, y'all are hilarious. Thanks for pointing out the typo.

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