Cult Leader, Yautja, and Holly Hunt - Churchill's Pub, Miami

Courtesy of SFLHC
Cult Leader causing some chaos at Churchill's.

As we slog ever nearer to the pending change of ownership that looms over Churchill's Pub, it would appear patrons have splintered into two distinct camps.

There are the deniers who believe the punk landmark can only flourish with its current patronage and practices intact, and that any alterations by the new owners will be met with such intolerance that they'll be forced to leave well enough be. And then there are the prematurely bereaved who predict the inevitable death of "our beloved shithole."

While we're not quite prepared to join the pre-mourners, we'll admit the energy that's recently flowed through this palace of piss, vomit, volume, and love has been absolutely remarkable, and Friday night's tour stop featuring hyped heavies Cult Leader and Yautja was no exception.

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Courtesy of SFLHC

The night was kicked off right with a fistful of meaty local metal from hardcore crew Pariah and some absolutely vicious Entombed worship, courtesy of Palm Beach's Shovelhead.

The latter received a particularly raucous reaction for a band that rarely plays south of the Broward-Dade border. Ending its set of post-Swedish metal with a triumphantly harmonized lead guitar assault that gave way to churning, HM-2-fueled filth, Shovelhead bludgeoned the assembled mob with the distinct message that Broward and Palm Beach counties are keeping pace with the current crop of notable heavy bands from Miami.

Next, it was time for some non-SoFla shred, beginning with Nashville-based trio Yautja, which has spun some of the most exciting, organic-sounding, and oddly cohesive heavy music in recent memory. This group combines sludge passages with d-beat mayhem and hardcore stomps to overwhelmingly great effect. The three-piece has also enjoyed the adoration of a few major music blogs, most notably earning a glowing bit of coverage from Vice Magazine's Noisey that appears to have broken the band on a national scale. So it seems that Miami was very fortunate to catch a performance by Yautja at a place like Churchill's before the threesome inevitably and permanently ascends to the land of larger venues.

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Churchill's Pub

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