Floyd Mayweather at King of Diamonds Miami: Strippers and "$10K Stacks of $100 Bills"

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The Money Team boss fanning himself with the money.

How does one party like the champ?

Well, as Miami booty bass legend and King of Diamonds stripper wrangler Disco Rick explains: "He don't use $1 bills like everyone else."

Now, obviously, we're talking about undefeated, world welterweight champion Floyd "Money" Mayweather, whose recent post-fight victory laps have included mandatory stops at KOD for big-booty boxing matches and $100,000 stripper bills.

And again, for Memorial Day 2014, touting yet another win in the ring, The Money Team boss hit "the number-one urban gentlemen club in the world" with enough cash to bankroll a thousand g-string shopping sprees.

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Last year, after serving a two-month prison sentence for domestic abuse, Mayweather promptly slapped Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero into submission in a May 4, 2013 comeback bout. And naturally, Mr. Money zipped over to Miami for a post-party at King of Diamonds where he emptied the Money Truck (literally, an armored 10-wheeler full of cold, hard cash), reportedly spending $100,000.

Six months later, the champ returned to KOD where he celebrated beating Saul "Canelo" Alvarez's ass by chillin' with Lil Kim and takin' in an "Undefeated Champion" edition of the strip joint's notorious Monday Night Fights.

And this past holiday weekend (following recent wins over Marcos "El Chino" Maidana at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino and Clifford "T.I." Harris at a Fatburger), Floyd collected his guaranteed $32 million, fired up the private jet, and declared, "Miami, we on our way!"

The champ arrived 'round midnight. He stayed till morning. And he snapped some selfies.

Chatting with Disco Rick about Mayweather's Memorial Day 2014 trip to King of Diamonds, we here at Crossfade asked about The Money Team's lapdance tab.

Unfortunately, Rick says, "I don't know the amount." Because "it was crazy crowded."

But he did reveal another Money secret: "At KOD, Floyd uses new, strapped $10K stacks of $100 bills. Nobody else does it."

So basically ... To party like the champ, one needs a bank account (approximately $300 million) like the champ.

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