Jacuzzi Boys' Last Show at Dave Daniels' Churchill's Pub

Photo by Monica McGivern
Check out Crossfade's full 77-photo slideshow of Jacuzzi Boys at Churchill's Pub.

Maybe you woke up this morning to discover your body decorated in colorful bruises. Maybe you've taken three showers, but still don't feel particularly clean. And maybe you have an aggressive ringing in your ears that won't let up.

Well, then you were probably at the Jacuzzi Boys' last show at Dave Daniels' Churchill's Pub. And honestly, who wasn't? It was even "officially" declared to be the most people ever squeezed into Churchill's in the pub's history.

Oh, and what a history it has had.

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Photo by Monica McGivern
Check out Crossfade's full 77-photo slideshow of Jacuzzi Boys at Churchill's Pub.

If you're a relatively plugged-in Miami music fan (or have been on Facebook at least once in the last three months), you probably already know that Dave Daniels has sold Churchill's to new owners.

This switching of hands has got many folks all worked up, inspiring farewell parties and shows, as everyone collectively mourns the end of an era that's inspired so many memories and so much music.

Photo by Monica McGivern

As if we needed any more reminding of how vital Churchill's is to our freaky and flowering scene, our very own Jacuzzi Boys, along with People's Temple from Michigan, local groove royalty Psychic Mirrors, and the fast and flirty Gun Hoes, lured a crowd that was down to get completely wild.

And so we did.

Photo by Monica McGivern

Kicking things off, Gun Hoes settled into some sleazy punk jams as the crowd grew larger by the minute. Inside and out, familiar faces crossed paths, cigarettes were shared, and stories were told.

The whole "This is the end of an era! Remember that one time! Let's get really drunk!" vibe was up and running, and the Gun Hoes were the perfect soundtrack.

Photo by Monica McGivern

Next, People's Temple crowded the stage and slammed into a bold garage set that dipped and dove from thrashy headbangers to sultry slow jams.

Jumping on amps, ripping off shirts, and covering all corners of the stage, those dudes played like they were at a major festival, which actually works extremely well when you're packed into a place like Churchill's. It felt like Temple guys gave it their all, and they undoubtedly did.

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