Kill the Zo: "Being Visionary Takes Some Risks"

Kill the Noise (left) and Mat Zo (right) are Kill the Zo.

When the dance music world heard bass monster Kill the Noise and melodic house kid Mat Zo were teaming up for a tour, the reaction was a collective wut?

"We weren't really too sure ourselves," says KTN's Jake Stanczak. "Mat comes from a different world, I come from a different world.

"We thought either people are going to look at it as something really exciting or people are going to not get it."

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At the time when the two DJ-producers decided to join forces and form Kill the Zo, they both felt locked into repetitive patterns. Nights out became a matter of routine, which, for a true artist, can be a real downer. So with this new collaboration, Jake and Mat hoped to challenge themselves and their fans.

"It was a little bit of a test," he says. "But I can't complain. It's going well."

The partnership began after the Internet friends realized they both lived in Los Angeles, took the relationship to the next level, started messing around in the studio, jamming for fun, and discovered a rare kind of musical chemistry.

"He has a lot of interesting ideas. There's stuff that I do that he's really interested in trying to learn, and same with me," Jake says. "I think that's the reason why it works, because we always end up having a lot of fun just learning new shit. It's a great personality combination."

Together, they found a way to hit the reset button on their creative processes. And when their agents started calling around for possible gigs, promoters were hungry for the idea. Soon, the announcement of an 11-date tour had fans and critics buzzing.

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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