Fashion Freakouts at Urban Beach Week 2014

Photo by George Martinez

Maybe you spent the past three days hidden in your bedroom, sleeping and watching Cosmos for fear of the insanity that was South Beach during Memorial Day weekend's belovedly named Urban Beach Week.

Of course, if you missed out on all the fashionable highlights, all the protruding bubble butts, all the gold chains and bucket hats, but our trusty photographers hit the streets and captured it all.

Here are ten fashion freakouts at Urban Beach Week 2014 in Miami.

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Photo by George Martinez

If you didn't already know she was a bad bitch, her hat will tell you. This is gangster goth realness. She must be real sad Rihanna's Instagram is dead.

Photo by George Martinez

Oh, OK, sir. You are quite comfortable with yourself, aren't you? It's important to get that all-over tan, and clearly, this weekend is all about showing off. If you've got it, flaunt it, amirite?

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