Niko Javan Turns Mondaze Up at The Nest: "We Go Ham Out Here, We're Experimenting"

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Party people looking to keep the weekend going with good tunes and cheap drinks have a new Monday night hangout. Local DJ and producer Niko Javan, who recently dropped an EP via Vice Magazine's Thump, has linked up with the Mondaze weekly at downtown dance club The Nest.

"Basically, my homie Brian said, 'Yo, I'm doing Monday nights, come spin whenever you want,'" Javan tells Crossfade. "I said, 'OK, how about every night?' I could always do that. It's fun."

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So far, no two Mondazes have been the same. Sometimes, there are bands, like when local party-psych rockers Dark Rift dropped a 30-minute punk jam. Other times, there are guest DJs playing anything and everything with a good beat. The bar also just gave the green light to Ladies' Night, so now all females drink free before midnight, and there's never a cover.

"I'm a regular and LzyFace is a regular," Niko says. "Everything else is a big question mark."

That open-ended format leaves a lot of room for fun and games. For Javan, it's a chance to get out of the studio and try new tracks on a friendly crowd.

"I do cool shows but spread out every couple of weeks or couple of months. It's nice to finally have something every week where I can see growth," he says. "I have a lot of shit that I want to do that I can't do just at home. I spend more of my time making music than I do DJing. It's a whole different game, sharing with people. So that's why I go out here."

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