Of Montreal - Grand Central, Miami

Photo by Jake Pierce, Grand Central

Of Montreal
With Boogarins
Grand Central Miami
Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Better Than: Of Montreal's recorded material.

Of Montreal is one of those critically acclaimed bands whose dozen-album deep catalog is impossible to dive into. That is, unless you see them live. Such an occurrence will baptize you into the cult, screaming, "Amen!" after every one of the outfit's impossibly energetic numbers and leaving you counting down the days until you can listen to the next sermon.

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Photo by Jake Pierce, Grand Central

For the uninitiated and agnostic, Of Montreal is an art project/religious experience masterminded by Kevin Barnes.

The Athens, Georgia native has rotated a never-ending cast of musicians and performers over the last two decades to join him on stage. And Wednesday night at Grand Central saw him playing with a backing band of five.

Photo by Jake Pierce, Grand Central

Barnes' entrance was preceded by a costumed man who took off one mask to reveal another while shouting out, "This is a funny night for me. I travelled back in time from the future."

After pointing at some members of the audience and proclaiming which people were going to be hooking up and who will not be leaving the venue with their pants on, he introduced Barnes.

Barnes ran on to the stage. And from opening song, "Triumph of Disintegration," his falsetto voice and kinetic non-stop movement provided the best Prince imitation by any Caucasian this side of The Make-Up's Ian Svenonius.

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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