QuESt on Almost Quitting Rap


"I actually wanted to do a mixtape called Iced Coffee back when I was 19," says QuESt as he drinks an Iced White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. "Terrible idea. Terrible idea."

The coffee chain's stores have become temples of freshly brewed ideas for the 22-year-old Miami rapper, who sometimes spends as much as seven hours in these places, writing material for one of his mixtapes.

It's been more than two years since the release of his last project, Fear Not Failure, and the anticipation from fans for a follow-up is building. But on May 12, 2012, QuESt almost quit rap.

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"It was a pretty devastating date for me, because around that time, I came home and I felt like I was going to quit," says QuESt. "I was going to quit rap altogether, because it was just like, 'There is just no way I can focus on rap right now. I need to figure out where I am.'

"Me and my dad went through some issues. I was living with him at the time. We got evicted, I didn't know what was going on and then I lost my job. And then I gave him my car and I had to go back to my mother's crib."

But his personal life was not the only discouraging factor. For most aspiring artists, seeing little to no success after putting in the work, certain questions begin to come up, like, Is it time for me to put an end to this?

And after years of attempting to make his mark by releasing material, reaching out to people in the industry, and independently doing shows, QuESt started to have some serious doubts.

"You're trying to break through that proverbial wall. And when you're not seeing that success after a certain amount of time, you just kind of think, Maybe I need to take a step back and kind of reevaluate what's going on."

With his mind nearly made up, QuESt reached out to his A&R contact Amanda Berkowitz to make her aware of what was going on. She told him to sit down and discuss it over Starbucks.

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