Roger Sanchez on Dance Music: "It's Become Very Homogenized"

Photo by: Skyler Greene
What makes S-Man different from Roger Sanchez? He's not wearing hockey pants.

Sorry, Roger Sanchez fans, your boy has been possessed by S-Man.

"There's a season for everything," Sanchez suggests. "Just like there's a day, there's a night. You need to have the darkness to appreciate the light."

It's been 20 years since the iconic spinner first had the idea for S-Man, a dark alternate persona that he describes as "the other guy ... like Darth Vader."

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"It's become a split personality that just really does not care anything at all about commercial music, just strictly indulging whatever is really cool and underground with house," he explains. "I don't care about the biggest, most popular record, or what's going to get everybody at that one moment to throw their hands up."

This Spring and Summer, Sanchez is setting out on a tour to celebrate the milestone, but even without a 20-year anniversary, the soulful producer just feels the time is right.

"Dance music has reached a commercial saturation point, and people are starting to look to alternative sounds within the electronic scene to reach that more innovative vibe," he says. "When dance music first exploded recently, it was because it was so different from everything else, especially in popular music. Now it's become very homogenized. There's so much of the same and people want something different, something that's a little deeper."

More and more, his thoughts return to the dark side. Whatever the alias, Sanchez pushes to keep his efforts true to himself. And these days, he's aching to "go back to the core and the root of it."

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Adriana De La Fuente
Adriana De La Fuente

Adrian Alvarez John Serrano you have both influenced me equally. I am your grass hopper

John Serrano
John Serrano

Lolll. I have waaaay more influence adrian.

Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez

Lol. She is out Frankenstein !!! Muwahahahaha !!!

John Serrano
John Serrano

Oh geez. Adrian I think we created a monster. Lol. She texted me yesterday to let me know that buttrich is playing.


"It's Become Very Homogenized" and then he goes ahead and plays Story….eye roll.

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