Roger Sanchez on Dance Music: "It's Become Very Homogenized"

"Now is the perfect time," Sanchez insists. "A lot of the sounds when I first came out with the S-Man in the '90s are back in a very major way, but done slightly different. That's where I've put my mindset: Let me take the original S-Man vibe, but put it in a contemporary setting."

He's serious about it too. The DJ-producer just released a new S-Man single, "Dangerous Thoughts," on the brand-new Undr the Radr Records -- which is his second label, for those keeping count.

"I needed to differentiate 'Dangerous Thoughts' from the other releases on my other label, Stealth," he says. "So I came up with a label that's going to be very much dedicated to that underground, deeper, darker sound."

His next track, "Hot," a collaboration with up-and-coming techno star Sabb, will be released by the end of the month. And Sanchez says he's already got six more solid tracks completed, which he plans to drop throughout his S-Man summer tour.

Next year, he'll start recruiting like-minded artists for Undr the Radr's roster. And by then, he might even be in the mood to let Roger Sanchez return to his "friendlier, happier vibe." But for now, things are looking dark, and the S-Man is more determined than ever.

"It's to prove to myself that I can do it again and do it in a different way," he says. "Once you've been in the game for a long time and you've accomplished a lot, people like to put you in this 'OK, you're a legend and you had your time' box, and my thing is to prove to people, ' Oh, no, there's a whole lot more you just haven't seen yet.'"

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Roger Sanchez as S-Man. With Dave Sol. Sunday, June 8. Story, 136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. The show starts at 11 p.m., and tickets cost $30 to $40 plus fees via Ages 21 and up. Call 305-538-2424 or visit


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Adriana De La Fuente
Adriana De La Fuente

Adrian Alvarez John Serrano you have both influenced me equally. I am your grass hopper

John Serrano
John Serrano

Lolll. I have waaaay more influence adrian.

Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez

Lol. She is out Frankenstein !!! Muwahahahaha !!!

John Serrano
John Serrano

Oh geez. Adrian I think we created a monster. Lol. She texted me yesterday to let me know that buttrich is playing.


"It's Become Very Homogenized" and then he goes ahead and plays Story….eye roll.

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