Wynwood's The Social Lubricant Lounge for Sale: $2.3 Million

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Courtesy of Lombardi Properties

The Lube's for sale.

Smoothing late-night interaction for just over a year at 167 NW 23rd Street, Wynwood's The Social Lubricant Lounge is already being peddled to entrepreneurial bidders looking to slip into the 'Wood hood.

But for anybody wanting to purchase this particular location in "the most exciting and fastest growing area in Miami" ... Well, the "asking price (including real estate)" is a nice and steep $2.3 million.

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Via facebook.com/SocialLubeMiami
As the TSL team says: "Alcohol is the lubricant of social intercourse."

Currently owned by Mark and Gabriella Dorfman, this party spot and cocktail joint, listed by Lombardi Properties, consists of "1 indoor bar, 1 outside bar" with a maximum capacity of "237+" and a "total land" profile of 5,250 square feet.

The patio garden, mostly covered by a "wooden pergola," is decked out with "lounge furniture," a "stage for DJ or live performances," a "wall-mounted sound system," and a "giant wall projection" rig.

The place even serves sushi.

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Courtesy of Lombardi Properties

Yes, TSL is pretty swank. Or, as the lounge's proprietors might prefer to say, "Sexy, yet unpretentious."

But it won't necessarily be sold for the purposes of continuing to operate as the 'Wood hood's Social Lubricant. It might remain a party spot. And it might not.

At the moment, the property is listed to be "sold whole or partial." And according to Lombardi realtor Eric P. Gonzalez, the Dorfmans are simply seeking offers.

So we shall see what the Wynwood market demands ... Lube or no lube.

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The Social Lubricant Lounge/TSL

167 NW 23rd St., Miami, FL

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Rebecca Chancy
Rebecca Chancy

I want in on the inside joke. Why is that so funny Kon & Ricardo

frankd4 topcommenter

.........................BUYER BEWARE - and ever since the invention of the FUNNEL i wouldn't trust any liquor inventory and would absolutely refuse to purchase ANY open bottle in this deal

frankd4 topcommenter

.......................more like BAILING out before the titanic sinking of the neighborhood

money is not flocking and faux-arts uber retailing and many broken promises to rid the area of crime and grime the pendulum is starting to swing the OPPOSITE direction

proof that simple GREED,  not art or vision or proper planning or organic growth, was the sole purpose of the whole marketing and promotional bullshit

its not ever going to be GREENWICH VILLAGE south and the project is as dead as JANE JACOBs

Ed Ochoa
Ed Ochoa

$2.3 Million, the place was a dump

Dennis D Shamblin
Dennis D Shamblin

Would you like to know more about Bigfoot and the mafia? If so read my family biography "Surviving Bigfoot and the Dixie Mafia." My true book was written from journals, diaries, and interviews. It is sold out in paperback, however you can read it free online from six stores.

Tu Madre
Tu Madre

That was fast. Lol Sasha Salva

frankd4 topcommenter

..............................this was okay the first time BUT it's drifting towards slime now

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