Cedric Gervais on His Career: "It's Fun, But I'm Not Gonna Do It Forever"

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Cedric Gervais wants you ... To party with him on his birthday.

Cedric Gervais may have been born in Marseilles, France, but the Grammy Award-winning DJ is 305 all the way.

That's why he's celebrating his 35th birthday at LIV and inviting all of you party people to "party and have fun" with him at the swanky Fontainebleau nightclub.

Gervais may be days away from turning 35, but the uhntz-uhntz master has already reached several milestones in his career. Grammy success aside, the DJ recently signed a record deal with Universal Records, is working on a compilation album with Ministry of Sound, and is putting the finishing touches on his latest single with pop soul sensation Coco O.

In hype of his birthday, Gervais took a break from his busy schedule last week to chat with Crossfade about his ethical code of remixing, his hardcore Miami pride, and his life plans post DJing.

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Crossfade: So what have you been up to lately?
Cedric Gervais: So I have a new single called "Through the Night" featuring Coco O that's coming out soon. I just signed a worldwide record deal with Universal Records. I'm working on my album, in writing sessions right now with Lana Del Rey's songwriter. I'm also doing a DJ mix compilation with Ministry of Sound. It's a two-sided CD. One CD will be classic house music with tracks I grew up listening to. The other CD is where I'm at right now.

What do you think was so different about your remix to Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness" that made it a Grammy Award-winning hit?
Well, I think it's because I don't think it's ever been remixed before and is number one in multiple countries, so that's a big factor, and the song is a masterpiece. It was a down tempo song and I turned it into a dance song, but the song alone is amazing. It's not the kind of remake that you take a popular song and just remix it for the club. No, it was a song that was not on the radio. It's just beautiful.

The thing is, when I remix songs I keep the song intact. I don't mess with the song. I keep it the way it is and that's what a lot of remixers don't do. I wanted to make sure the song was there. The structure is very important. There's a lot of remixes I turned down because it doesn't work in my world.

I think that's what makes your music different. I find that a lot of DJs tend to take songs and create something entirely different from the original, making it almost unrecognizable. But you preserve the integrity of it.
That's why Billboard magazine called me "The Song Doctor." [Laughs] But seriously, I'm getting ten to 15 remixes a week. I just got Ellie Goulding and Juanes asked me to mix a song for him. I said no because [that song] didn't work, but I wanna work with him. I wanna do a song in Spanish. I respect every single artist, but it's just I don't wanna do a bad job for them and I'm not doing this for the money. The money is a big deal, but if the record doesn't do anything, it pisses me off, so I wanna pick the right song.

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Kenia West
Kenia West

Lol thank god he wont do it for ever. Shitty ass music.


He usually comes off as arrogant. He's not a star, he's just a one-hit wonder.


At what point to you stop doing something because you believe in it vs primarily for amassing wealth? I used to listen to him play dark, underground progressive house at Crobar as a decent DJ back in 2001, and then by 2005 he's making commercial EDM pop and raking in tons of money. Its impossible to have good taste turn to that unless your SOLE motivation is money and fame.

Luisa Erika Patroni
Luisa Erika Patroni

oh yeah everybody come party with me at liv for my bday! it isn't hard at all to get thru the bully doorguys or dropping serious cash for a kiddie size cocktail drink. no thanks frenchy.

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