The Crumbs Talk Two Decades of Punk Rock

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The Crumbs' Raf Classic.

The Crumbs have been around for almost 20 years in one shape or another.

Fronted by Raf Classic, whose Latin-inflected nasal snarl is widely recognized as one of the best voices in the realm of punk rock 'n' roll, The Crumbs have been relatively quiet since he relocated to Los Angeles a couple of years ago.

For many who grew up in South Florida, Raf and his band defined an era of punk rock. They provided the soundtrack for skating downtown when downtown was a real shithole. And hell, they even skated right along with you!

Now a little older, perhaps not necessarily any wiser, but certainly shaped by so many years in the game, The Crumbs will reunite for a show at Churchill's Pub this weekend. And here's what Classic and crew have to say about two decades of punk rock.

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An incomplete collection of the Crumbs' recorded catalog.

Crossfade: Raf, how has L.A. been treating you?
Raf Classic: It's been a great time there. The music and art scenes are fantastic with tons of cool venues, bars, and events that draw the very best from all over the world. I ran into filmmaker John Waters at the gravesite of Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone recently. However, there are no pastelitos de guayaba in L.A. That's a big downside.

What are your thoughts concerning the recent sale of Churchill's?
Raf: Man, it's tough to see Churchill's go. My first show there was Die Kreuzen; I was underage back then and had to jump the back fence. So many memories, with some of them immortalized in our song "Down at Churchill's."

From the Dade County Trash album, right?
Raf: Right. The place will definitely be missed.

And this reunion is taking place at a rather opportune time.
Raf: Tono, who lives in Hawaii, just happened to be in Miami the same week I was. It was an opportunity to jam with him, Marcio, and Jose, play Churchill's and ride into the sunset.

Tono, how has it been going in Hawaii?
Tono: We moved to Kailua-Kona, which is the west side of the Big Island, a really pretty place where I'm enjoying the slower pace and the aloha spirit. I miss the 305 like a motherfucker -- family and friends, and Churchill's, of course. But Hawaii has been a good change for my family. It has brought us closer together.

Now you get to jam with your buds.
Tono: Getting together with Raf and Marcio is awesome. I mean, we've been friends for more than 20 years, they are brothers to me. We were gonna get together for a drink and a jam anyways, so what better place to do that than Churchill's? We were all very excited, especially now that Jose will fill up on guitar. I've always had a great admiration for all the musical projects that he has been in. He's a great dude, and it feels right for the four of us to play together for the very first time.

You played bass before Tono, and now you're on guitar. As a long time fan of the band, what does this mean to you?
Jose: They're great. Raf's an amazing songwriter, Emil and Tono are killer bassists, and I learned a lot from watching them play. As far as guitarists go, there has never been a better one than Johnny B in South Florida. When I was 15, I used to watch his fret work and try to copy it when I got home. Marcio's a powerful drummer; he's the soul of the Crumbs!

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Great interview. One small correction: I wouldn't say "almost 20 years" because they were already playing shows by this point in 1994. As far as I know, it's a little more than 20 years, or almost 21 years.


wish i was going! wish it was the original lineup, though. I did see them in 2012 in San Diego...awesome - i got so drunk haha

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