DJ Qu on Strength Music Recordings and "Quality With No Gimmicks"

Your production sound has been described as "supremely dark house." Is that an accurate description in your opinion? Are you more drawn to the dark side when it comes to your music?
I would say that describing my music as "dark house" is something I'm more used to hearing or reading on the web than it is my personal description of my music. I personally have no description for the type of music I make, and I actually didn't even notice my music had a dark undertone until journalists started describing my music in that way. If people hear my music and feel that it's dark, then I'll accept that. No loss at all with that description, I think.

What is the concept behind your Strength Music label? What sort of music are you looking to release on it and where do you plan to take the label in the future?
I know I probably sound boring at this point, but there's really no concept behind Strength Music. We basically release music that we find to be interesting, and more so use it as an outlet to release music from ourselves, so it actually doesn't run like a full-on label would. We rarely or almost never look for demos to release. The future for Strength is to keep releasing music that we feel is quality with no gimmicks.

So what do you have going on in the studio at the moment? Any plans for a new album to follow up 2011's Gymnastics?
I actually am working on an album that, as of now, I plan to release in 2015 but that can change, so I'll keep the details secret. There is also a new EP coming later this year by myself, so that is next on Strength.

We're excited to see you throw down in Miami this week. What can we expect?
The crowd determines everything on how the night will go musically, because I'm there for them. So anything goes at this point.

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DJ Qu. With Omar G and Sean Levisman. Friday, June 27. Do Not Sit on the Furniture, 423 16th St., Miami Beach. The show starts at 11 p.m. and admission costs $10. Call 305-450-3809 or visit


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