Eats Everything: "Never Plan Anything, That's My Motto"


When we were kids, our dads made us listen to a lot of classic rock and heavy metal. Of course, electronic producer Eats Everything of the Dirtybird crew has his own priorities.

"I'd been playing techno into my wife's belly all the way through the pregnancy," says the proud father of a one-month old son.

"If he listens to Metallica or One Direction or any of that nonsense, I'll just throw them out. There's a massive window of music he's not allowed to like, and there's only a very small window of music he's allowed to like."

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The big boy from Bristol has been very busy indeed. Aside from becoming a new dad, he also designed his own burger for his hometown's Love Inn (an 8-ounce wagyu beef patty with pickles, onion rings, Leerdammer cheese, and more delicious toppings), began the process of refurbishing his home studio, and has continued to travel the world to play gigs despite being severely rest deprived.

The whirlwind continues as he leaves a festival in Iceland to come straight to South Beach's Story for a set with Justin Martin. Then it's right off again to Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas, followed by a trip to Ibiza.

"Then, when I finish in Ibiza, I'll probably curl up into a ball and die," he jokes.

"When I finish, I'll probably curl up into a ball and die," he jokes. "But you just get used to it. And I'd rather do that than wallow in self-pity in an office like I have done, or working on a building site. I am very lucky to get out of the country."

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