Louis Salgar, Miami Punk Musician and Bartender, Murdered

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Via facebook.com/Louis.Salgar

"RIP, brother."

Family, friends, bandmates, and barmates are mourning the loss of Louis Salgar.

Yesterday at approximately 3 p.m., the 31-year-old punk musician and bartender was found dead in his home at NE Eighth Court and 85th Street just east of Biscayne Boulevard.

He was shot and killed, according to the Miami Police Department.

UPDATE A stolen Honda Accord that may be Louis Salgar's car has been found in Palm Beach. And suspects are being pursued by police.

UPDATE #2 A suspect has finally been named in the murder of Louis Salgar.

UPDATE #3 A memorial benefit will be held at Churchill's Pub for Louis Salgar to benefit his family.

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Via facebook.com/Louis.Salgar

After neighbors heard gunshots and a roommate called police, MPD investigators arrived at 8551 NE Eighth Court to discover that Salgar had been murdered. But so far, no motive and no suspects have been revealed.

Meanwhile, in the wake of this tragedy, Louis' family and friends grieve, profoundly saddened by the utter senselessness of his death, yet gladdened to have known and loved him.

As a bartender, Salgar served as Gramps' head bartender before moving on to the Broken Shaker earlier this year.

In an Instagram message, his former Wynwood workplace bid him adieu: "Louis Salgar, rest in peace. We miss you already. You leave behind a family, a Lizzie [his girlfriend], and a group of friends and colleagues whose lives have been made more joyous, magical, musical, and savory because of you. Thank you."

Via facebook.com/Louis.Salgar

As a musician, Louis was a member of many Miami punk and post-hardcore bands during the last decade. Most recently, he served as the guitar player for Secret Arms, a trio that played New Times' Crossfade Music Series and released a 12-track album produced by Capsule's Ryan Haft.

In response to Salgar's death, Secret Arms drummer and longtime friend Mike Rodriguez shared his grief, writing in a Facebook post: "For almost ten years, I have had the pleasure of knowing Louis Salgar. We have made music in multiple bands with each other since becoming friends, but more importantly we vigilantly set out to enrich one another's lives. We traded books, music, movies, laughs, and life experiences.

"He made the best cocktails and I was lucky enough to be one of his taste testers in the early days while he was perfecting his craft. His laugh was infectious. His purity of heart was incredible. He was never afraid to speak his mind. He was an awesome friend. I want justice."

And Tyler Bronis, a high-school friend and Secret Arms bassist, offered his own raw goodbye: "Fucking beyond devastated that I'll never hear you laugh again, hear a new one of your insane guitar riffs again, hear you say something incredibly hilarious yet incredibly offensive again, get drunk off your amazing cocktails and write booze-fueled music with you again... I could go on and on about how ridiculously awesome you were.

"The world lost the best fucking dude today. Thrash into eternity, my brother."

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Elsa Jimenez
Elsa Jimenez

So sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family

Gregg Rory Holland
Gregg Rory Holland

Wow! I never realized being a musician and bartender was so dangerous. #RIP #BrokenShaker #FreehandMiami #Gramps

Rachel Toro
Rachel Toro

He always put a smile on my face whenever I was at Gramps :(

Lynda Maguire
Lynda Maguire

Rip great person you were you and Michael had great times

Michelle Paola Noguera
Michelle Paola Noguera

I didn't know the guy but he sure made some wicked awesome drinks. Keep playing those guitar riffs in the afterlife. RIP

Bertha Guerrero
Bertha Guerrero

Very sad. May he rest in peace and make music in the heaven.

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