Maayan Nidam on New Band, The Waves & Us


Maayan Nidam may be a celebrated house and techno DJ, but that's only scratching at the surface of her musical interests and talents. For one thing, she's always kept a soft spot for live musicianship.

"As a teenager, I listened to a lot of rock -- all sorts of rock: classic, grunge, hard rock, heavy metal, you name it," she tells Crossfade. "I wasn't into machine music until it started playing in the clubs I went out to on weekends. Before that, I thought it's not real -- it didn't make sense to me. Today, as well, I prefer saving dance music mostly for the clubs."

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Even her ostensibly electronic production projects divulge a love for traditional live music forms. Take 2009's much-lauded Nightlong LP, inspired by and built around samples of Cuban folk music. "The label sent me recordings they made in Havana with Cuba's most celebrated musicians -- that alone is enough to inspire anyone," says Nidam.

So it's hardly surprising that her latest sonic venture The Waves & Us, is a live band. Boasting an atmospheric psych-rock sound, its debut single is slated for release on the esteemed Wolf + Lamb label later this year.

"The Waves & Us started very spontaneously," she says. "I barely knew Markus [Nikolaus] when I invited him to my studio and didn't know Louis [McGuire] at all when Markus called him to join us.

"But somehow it felt like it was all meant to happen, like that music needed to be played, and I guess it's because each of us was already prepared and ready for what was about to happen mentally, physically and musically."

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Lili Nidam
Lili Nidam

כל הכבוד מעיין נידם!!!

Nando Guevara
Nando Guevara

Yesssss I've been waiting for you since the last time you played at pickle !!

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