Martyn Talks New Album on Ninja Tune: "Definite Leap Forward For Me"


Dutch producer Martyn Deykers already boasts releases on groundbreaking electronic music labels like Brainfeeder, Otsgut Ton, and his own 3024.

But signing to the legendary Ninja Tune label puts him in the company of some truly seminal acts, especially of the boundary-pushing and genre-defying variety -- think Coldcut, Amon Tobin, and Bonobo.

Being brought into the Ninja fold is a testament to the caliber of Martyn's visionary output, which veers effortlessly from cutting-edge techno and future bass to haunting ambient electronica flavors.

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As it often goes with stylistic trailblazers of this sort, Martyn's entry point into electronic music was through its darker experimental fringes rather than the mainstream club scene.

"Coming from a more indie-based musical background, the first electronic music I really got into was electronic body music from the likes of Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 -- I guess what you would now call industrial," he tells Crossfade. "A friend asked me one day to join him and go clubbing. And in the club, I heard Detroit techno for the first time. I guess I was hooked after that.

"I did listen to a lot of Ninja's releases back in the day," he adds. "Especially stuff like Coldcut and DJ Food."

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