Waka Flocka on Doing EDM: "When I Hit a Fan With Cake, It Felt Like I Lost My Virginity"


Waka Flocka Flame's been busy, to say the least.

Flocka's been spending much of the year entrenched in the EDM scene with Steve Aoki, and released the collabo track "Rage the Night Away" with the cake-tossing club star. He also dropped the EDM-rap crossover "Slippin'" in late April.

The Titan of Turn Up even unleashed a new track, "Pussy," earlier this week. It's a return to sweaty, strip-club grinding hip-hop form for the ever-energetic (but lovable and cuddly) hypeman.

But as Waka tells Crossfade, this won't be the start of any trend from one genre to the other. He has full embraced both the hip-hop and dance scenes.

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Crossfade: Hey, what's up Waka?
Waka Flocka Flame: What up, Jonathan! [In escalating volume]

Just to let you know: I'm recording this. So you know there's nothing funky going on.
I'm gonna say everything funky, baby.

How do you like Miami?
I like Miami, man. Every time I come outside, the weather be so, like, muggy. It makes me feel extra dirty.

Do you enjoy that?
I just like the scenery. I'm a Georgia boy for life.

Isn't it muggy there too?
Naw, man. It's clear. We got clear air there. It's still hot.

Are you making an album with Tyler, the Creator?
We wanted to knock one out. But I guess our communication got mixed up. He was busy at the time. We actually got to each other and were like, "Please let's do it, bro." And then I got into more EDM mixes. We might have something coming up.

Would you say you're transitioning into a more EDM sound?
No, I'm just a fan of it, so I'm gonna do a lot of music with it. They go hand in hand, hip-hop and EDM. I feel comfortable doing either one.

And you're releasing a whole album of EDM next year, correct?
Yes, I am, it's called Turn Up God.

What are your favorite EDM acts?
Steve Aoki. Throws cakes in people's faces. That shit is amazing. When I first hit a fan with a cake, it felt like I lost my virginity.

Where in Miami would you take a lady if you're going on a date?
[Muffled in the background: "Where in Miami again?"] Grand Central. I would take her right to Grand Central. Turn up, yo.

What would you say is the best lesson that you learned from your mom, Debra Antney?
The best lesson I ever learned from her is when she let me bump my head. She was like, "Hey, don't do that!" And at first I thought, Ugh, she's being overprotective. Next thing you know, I was fucked. So I felt like, my mom opening these doors and letting me make my mistakes and get crazy, that created an entrepreneur and a well-skilled businessman. It created a hell of an artist. I thank God for it. And I thank God for mistakes. Because mistakes are going to make you better.

What do you think is the worst mistake you've made?
The worst mistake I made was not doing EDM two or three years ago.

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