Afro Roots 2014: "Representing African Culture" and Its Offshoots "From Latin Funk to Hip-Hop"

The Resolvers big-band reggae sound is awesome.

Without Africa, there'd be no Miami bass.

There'd be no rock 'n' roll or hip-hop or jazz or salsa. No Hendrix, Nas, Byrd, or Machito.

In fact, almost every modern music genre can be traced back to that great continent across the Atlantic. And that's why, 16 years ago, Jose Elias threw the first Afro Roots World Music Festival. And that's why, today, it's stronger than ever.

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As Elias says, "It's important to showcase and celebrate African culture in our community. We're brought up in this society without ever being given an inkling on our backgrounds and cultures. Through music, we deliver that message not only here in South Florida, but all over the world."

Afro Roots World Music Festival 2014 Lineup

-Suénalo (Miami)
-The Resolvers (Deerfield Beach)
-Morikeba Kouyate (Senegal)
-Miami Street Band (Miami)
-Ephniko (Colombia)
-DJ Le Spam (Montreal / Miami)

"Our goal this year was to represent the evolution of African culture into all of the styles of music that came from it, like Latin funk, reggae, and hip-hop," Elias says.

Ancient roots sounds will be supplied by Senegal's Morikeba Kouyate, whose 30-year career celebrates a 700-year lineage in West Africa. He performs in the Mandingo language and translates to English. He plays tribal instruments, tells stories, and acts out "warrior folklore."

Elias says: "Next year, we'll have an album out for him."

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Location Info


7th Circuit Studios

228 NE 59th St., Miami, FL

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schultzybeckett topcommenter

It is also a very obvious fact that Africans have been terrible at defending their own interests. That is why whites, browns, yellows and even blacks have historically found it so easy to rape Africa.Africans have to get their act together and learn to defend their own interests in this complex, competitive and nasty world. That is the simple reality of it.

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