Daedelus on Electronic Dance Music: "There Is a Need for Pulse-Pounding Rhythm"

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It's what steampunk might sound like if it were milked through Henry Cow after the beast had been ridden by a minotaur through a labyrinth constructed on the grounds of the Hollywood Bowl.

It's what Brian Eno could have created had he been crossbred with Martin Denny and blueprinted by Luigi Russolo's The Art of Noises.

It's sinuous enough for Ninja Tune, smart enough for Brainfeeder, unidentifiable enough for Mush, and opposed enough for Anticon. Mostly though, it's about as kaleidoscopic as aural wonder gets, without losing any of its high color. It is the spectacularly beautiful racket made by the myth-dripping man known as Daedelus, and it will blow your mind.

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Crossfade: For those damn few who don't yet know, just who (and what) is Daedelus?
Daedalus was the mythological figure you probably heard as Icarus' father, a little footnote for children to get a little morality alongside ancient history. Don't fly too high or else... This father-figure did so much more, supposed invention, petty jealousy/murder, maze making, etc. Really wonderful ideas to sample from, and that's where I've sourced my Daedelus.

If you had to sum up your sound in a single sentence, what would it be?
I'm out for the swoon of romance, the lurch of airplanes taking off, beats familiar yet we've never met. That is kind of a run-on sentence, but I'm as well, I guess.

If you had to choose three pivotal influences from the past, who (or what) would they be (and why)?
My namesake first, then Leonardo da Vinci determining the fundamental that sound is carried in waves, and Nikola Tesla for his gumption basically inventing the format those sounds have been transmitted on. I'm a passionate believer of invention.

And if you were forced to pick three from the present?
Names you might not be familiar with but made my young ears see beyond the radio forced feed. Acen, the Bomb Squad, Ray Keith.

Speaking of now, what's the most recent track(s) to rack?
Diversa's "Do You" has been making my days rich with intrigue and vague R&B-tinge. Cupp Cave's "Everlastic," taking house to a messier, better home. DJ Clap's "Let Yourself Go," a version of juke and footwork feels like a logical conclusion, every part of it vibrates.

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Ezekiel Angulo
Ezekiel Angulo

I'm ecstatic for him to give Miami an audiorgasm.

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