Daedelus - The Nest, Miami

Photo by Kassandra Meyer

With Y Diz and Galactic Effect, Telescope Thieves, Lautlos, Tyord, and members of Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions
The Nest, Miami
Thursday, July 3, 2014

Good morning, 305ers. It's now officially the Fourth of July, our annual exaltation of everything American.

But late last night, while visions of mustard-laden hot dogs danced in your brains, a different kind of celebration was happening at NE 14th Street's latest venue, The Nest, where a completely packed crowd of sweaty beat heads was bobbing and swaying to the forceful, bass-heavy grooves of L.A. dance mastermind Daedelus and several local cohorts for a pre-Independence Day jam.

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Photo by Kassandra Meyer

Kicking off the night was Tyord, part of the XYZA clique of solo electronic artists that call Miami home.

His music is a more downtempo and introspective take on the beat genre, in step with some well-known peers like Forest Swords or Balam Acab. Tonal arrangements that sounded more excavated than arranged were slotted in alongside hissing, crackling two-step drums, creating a worldly, wordless hum that evoked melancholy and mystery by turns.

Photo by Kassandra Meyer

The tribal aesthetic of the music was accented by Tyord's visage, sporting an ivory mask and headwrap and bobbing to the tunes in controlled measure.

The performance almost didn't happen due to Tyord's involvement in a bad auto accident just days earlier, which made the tightly focused set all the more impressive.

Photo by Kassandra Meyer

The XYZA support continued with Lautlos, another innovative beatmaker who peddled unexpected rhythms and tones in line with a vaguely Brainfeeder-esque aesthetic.

The sets seemed to be accumulating intensity, with Lautlos looking ecstatic while naturally crossfading tracks and adding little nuances to each measure, as the crowd fed off the laid-back vibe.

Photo by Kassandra Meyer
Telescope Thieves.

Next was Telescope Thieves, who prefers a more frenetic approach to footwork, inlaid with lots of little vocal slices and splashes of color.

The whole XYZA crew seems well-versed in their art and intent on pushing a headier mix of electronics on Miami's typical techno monotony, and we look forward to seeing where they go next.

Photo by Kassandra Meyer
Daedelus with Miami's Otto Von Schirach and Notorious Nastie.

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The Nest

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