J. Balvin Talks "Killin' It" at Premios Juventud, Pitbull, and LeBron James

Party till "6 AM" with J. Balvin at Premios Juventud.

J. Balvin may be an up-and-coming superstar, but el Colombiano's already living that reggaetonero life -- topping Billboard charts, going Platinum with his debut album, La Familia, and partying with mamis till "6 AM."

Yesterday, though, José Álvaro Osorio Balvín was all "Tranquil[o]" at the Biltmore Hotel in anticipation of his first international TV performance and awards ceremony at the BankUnited Center for Premios Juventud.

After almost two hours, el músico finally made his way to the lobby to chat with Crossfade about his hit single "6 AM" with fellow reggaetonero Farruko, his "dream come true" in touring with Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias this fall, and LeBron James leaving the Miami Heat.

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Crossfade: I guess I'll start off with the basics. How'd you first get involved with music?
J. Balvin: Basically, when I was 10 years old I started playing guitar. I was looking for a type of music I felt comfortable with, so I started with rock because that was the music they were playing at the time, and the guitar was the thing that I would listen to everywhere. So I started playing guitar and started playing covers, Metallica covers.

And now you're this huge reggaeton star.
[Laughs] Yeah, but I still love rock. And then I went to New York to live for a while, and then I fell in love with the hip-hop movement. That was the music that I was looking for. When you're growing up, you look for a type of music you can identify yourself with and finally, I fell in love with hip-hop. Then I started doing Spanish hip-hop and then I was like, you know, I need something like some type of music that can reach to other people who don't listen to rap. So I fell in love with reggaeton when it was an underground movement. Finally I started doing reggaeton and I do both. That's how it started, a long time ago. Now it's gonna be like 15 years.

So do you consider yourself more of a reggaeton artist or more of a Spanish rapper?
You can call me whatever you want as long as you like my music it doesn't matter! [Laughs] Because I do reggaeton too, you can call me a reggaetonero. I do hip-hop, so you can call me a rapero. I'd rather have people say you know, 'I like J. Balvin music.' That's what it's all about.

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