J. Cole in Miami: "Police Won't Let Us Do a Second Show," Over 2000 People Turned Away

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Around 11 a.m., even before J. Cole officially announced (at 1:14 p.m.via Twitter) the Miami location for his Dollar & Dream tour, there were hundreds of hip-hop heads queuing up outside of downtown hangout Grand Central.

Obviously, there had been a breach of secrecy. Someone snitched. A leak was sprung. "Somehow a few fans guessed the location correctly," Ibrahim Hamad of Cole's Dreamville crew tells Crossfade. And after the North Carolina rapper revealed that GC was indeed the venue for the $1 show, it became a total mob scene.

The cops arrived to control the crowd. "Overall it was about 3000 people there that lined up to catch the show," Hamad says. And soon, J. Cole confirmed that the "police won't let us do a second show."

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In both of the cities, London and NYC, where Cole's already made Dollar & A Dream stops, there have been two sets, featuring a full run-through of the rapper's breakthrough album, The Warm Up.

Fans in the 305 expected the same deal. Especially since Cole did back-to-back shows at The Stage when he stopped in Miami for his first Dollar & A Dream tour last summer. But the police had different plans this time around.

"We never called the police and I'm not sure who actually did," Hamad says. "They just showed up a little bit after Cole tweeted [about the location of the show.]

"I think they remember the scene outside of our Dollar & A Dream show in Miami last year and wanted to be more prepared this time. The crowd wasn't rowdy at all, they just wanted to see a show, but the cops forced a big part of the crowd to leave early."

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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Sabrina Danielle
Sabrina Danielle

Lmao downtown is basically the hoodie wrong turn and you're there and grand central is like the ghettoest "club" so not suprising

Maggi Vidal
Maggi Vidal

They went to the hood for a $1 show in Miami... What do you expect?

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