J. Cole in Miami: "Police Won't Let Us Do a Second Show," Over 2000 People Turned Away

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Photo by Karli Evans
The Dollar & A Dream line outside of downtown Miami's Grand Central.

Wristbands were sold on a first-come, first-served basis to the fans at GC, but it wasn't long before those wristbands ran out.

While many believed that more passes would eventually be sold, the club's reps announced that there would be no more entry and asked the remaining crowd to disperse.

But after weathering Miami's heat and humidity, J. Cole's dedicated followers were not about to give up that easy. Hundreds of rowdy fans surrounded the entrance to Grand Central and passionately chanted Cole's name.

By 5:30 p.m., though, the police had the area surrounding Grand Central cordoned off, refusing to allow any fans (or media) near the club.

"Because of the capacity of the club and the Fire Marshall monitoring us, they let in close to 900 people," Hamad says. "The other 2000 fans were sticking around at first hoping for a second show, but we couldn't make that happen.

"The curfew of the venue and the cops wanting to clear the crowd out and not have thousands of people outside made them shut down our second show.

"Cole always feels bad at these shows 'cause he wishes everyone can get in and he was ready to add a second show, but they wouldn't let us."

--With reporting by Pablo Chacon Alvarez

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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Sabrina Danielle
Sabrina Danielle

Lmao downtown is basically the hoodie wrong turn and you're there and grand central is like the ghettoest "club" so not suprising

Maggi Vidal
Maggi Vidal

They went to the hood for a $1 show in Miami... What do you expect?

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