Miami Latin Pop Singer Katherine Alexander Accuses Manager Jesus Salas of Rape, Sodomy

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In a new lawsuit, Miami Latin pop star Katherine Alexander has accused former manager Jesus Salas of rape and sodomy.

She also claims he stole nearly all the money made during her brief music career, attempted to suffocate her with a bag, and even threatened to kill her family.

Responding to the accusations, Salas, also an executive vice president of Spanish Broadcasting Systems, has written in an email statement: "The assertions and claims in the suit are false."

UPDATE Alexander is now seeking to settle her suit with Salas for $1 million.

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Two years ago, Alexander was a school teacher. But then she met Salas and began a romantic relationship with him, which eventually led to a hit single, "Put It in a Kiss."

That song, a bilingual mambo-pop version of Irving Berlin's classic "Puttin' On the Ritz," hit the number-one slot on Billboard's Latin airplay chart in January 2014.

The success of "Kiss" was largely due to prime placement on a number of radio stations -- including WSKQ New York, KXOL Los Angeles, and WXDJ Miami -- controlled by Salas' employer, Spanish Broadcasting Systems.

A short time ago, though, Alexander says she told Salas of her plans to split with him, spurring the alleged sexual assault, threats, and other abuse.

SBS executive vice president Jesus Salas.

As an SBS exec, Salas is a high-profile music-industry figure, often socializing and snapping photos with major stars like Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Enrique Iglesias.

He seems to suggest that Alexander is simply attempting to ruin his reputation and take advantage of his professional status by producing untrue accusations.

"Testimony and evidence will conclusively establish the false nature of these claims in court," Salas writes in his email statement.

The SBS exec's attorney echoes his unequivocal client's denial, writing: "The testimony of mutual friends and the actual written words of Ms. Alexander will demonstrate beyond doubt that Jesus Salas is innocent of each and every one of these slanderous and malicious claims. Each and every one. False. Malicious."

For her part, Alexander says she's filed for a 500-yard restraining order.

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This is no shocker to me. Typical woman using her body to climb up the ladder of fame and quickly fell. Next step is to invent a strategic lie in order to climb up higher when she is only digging her hole deeper. No talent whatsoever, no worth whatsoever.

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