Miami Bass' Ten Best Producers and Musicians

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6. Danny D
"He had that song 'Boom I Got Your Girlfriend.' I did a few albums with Danny. Little white kid also. His group was Boys From the Bottom. I shot that album cover. I did the art design. I did the art for most of those early covers and labels and I produced and engineered 'em under different names like A Hott, or FM Funk, or JM Jack. I did that because, as the label guy, I was also working these records at the clubs and on radio. I didn't wanna walk in and hype it and they look at the label and see my name. So I used fake names. That was one of my ploys."

4 & 5. Bruce Greenspan and Mark Boccaccio
"Bruce was a Jewish kid from South Florida, a UM engineer, real talented. And Mark was a musician and keyboardist from Syracuse who moved to Miami and was in a few different bands. It was those guys and Tim Devine. They were the musicians and engineers, and then I myself started engineering and drum programming. They were on a lot of those early Luke Skyywalker records."

3. Tim Devine
"Tim was a guy down here in Miami, an English guy who knew how to operate the E-MU emulator and the SP-1200. We started with the 808, and then went first to the DBX 160 to compress it and extend the note, but the 808 created the bass sound. Then with the SP-1200 you were able to tune and play the bass drum to do melodic parts and create these very cool sounds instead of just the straight drop of these short or longer beats. You could make it ring, but you couldn't change the notes, so the SP-1200 took it to the next level, and so did the Alesis, and Tim Devine knew how to do all that. He was a seasoned keyboard player. I would bring in seasoned musicians for a lot of those bass records. These guys knew music and knew their music theory and where to put the musical essence on a lot of these things.

"A lot of this stuff was in the beginning of the digital era. We were just coming out of everything being analog and we still recorded everything to tape, but we had a few pieces of digital equipment that were starting to come into the music production community."

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Rudy Guevara
Rudy Guevara

Yogi Guevara check it out, Danny's in this.


Great Story!!!

So many Producers you left off your list, No disrespect to Bruce Greenspan and Mark Boccaccio also co-Produce with me Mc's of Rap - "Domination" & many other Songs but i can't put them so high on the list.

#1 Amos Larkin I Agree!

#2 Dave "Mr Mix" Hobbs Hands down he change the Game!

#3 Pretty Tony had WEDR running he's music when Everybody was fighting the change!

#4 Clay D a mixture of Mr. Mixx & Eric Griffin all in ONE, Dude was Sick with them Beats!

#5 Billy Hines & 4 Sight Records so many Hits doing it all from their own area. Let's not forget he had Mc Shy D first!

#6 Eric Griffin Major hand in helping cleaning our Miami Bass sound up to the Next Level with a blend of Electric sounds.

#7 Sam Latimore - "Ghetto Jump / Let's Rock the Planet"... He put his Hand print in Miami Bass. Dude help me buy my first Drum Machine(Roland 808) Luv!

#8 Uncle Al A True Miami Legend(Rip)

Talking about My Man brought the city together Blacks/ Spanish & Whites was all dancing to he's Sound.

#9 Tim Devine we all learn from him, kept us on all the New Sounds.

#10 Devastator After Mr. Mixx & Clay D he kept the City going HARD with Hits after Hits, Sh!t kept Uncle Luke going strong into the 90's!

Great Article damn I couldn't stop Writing!!!

PS Can't forget me "Dj Cox"

Monique Hernandez
Monique Hernandez

Are you guys going to put up the pictures from Oliver Heldens in Mansion last night?? :)

Mike Adam
Mike Adam

Home of House? Breaks? No. Chicago and NYC are the correct answers. Booty Bass music, Miami was the place. Learn your music history.

Mike Amici
Mike Amici

What kind of a silly question is this? This is Miami, home of house, breaks and bass!! Wreckonize!


Sorry any list absent DJ Crash who worked w/ Giggilo Tony, ADE, Shy-D, and even produced a song pretty much bigger than anything on this list "Security" while w/ the Whiz-Kids is a fraud to me.


@trunkfunk  I think Joe Stone might be doing a "Joseph Stalin" and is trying to "re-create" history. I just wrote this on another blog so excuse me for copying and pasting.

 Okay...those of you in dreamland want to know the truth about how Miami Bass got started? Check the article called "Amos Larkins II on Miami Bass, "Ghetto Jump," and Who Left Luke's Name Off the Sunnyview Label". Amos is my brother and I saw a lot of the magic happen myself. I lived some of it as well.  I know Joe Stone and he wasn't there like that. Hell...I remember once when the song "Ghetto Jump" was so big, Rhythm 98 was doing a live broadcast from the club called "Manhattans" in South Miami. Amos told me that Sam and his partner (the group Krush 2) were M.I.A. If they didn't perform it could ruin the record. He asked me if I could find a friend and be "Krush 2" for an evening. I didn't want to but, that was my brother and he needed me. So I got a friend of my by the name of Eddie (forgive me for forgetting your last name man...) and we only had two hours to practice and get to the club and be ready to perform. Mohammad was the house DJ at Manhattans. I use to Lock and Pop in the clubs and was known for that. They didn't know me for being a rapper.  But I did it that night. I remember that after the second verse Eddie and I both forgot the words. So we just winged it. The crowd ate it up and we got off without a hitch. Mohammad was like “Man…I didn’t know you were a rapper”. Well…I wasn’t. But, I was defiantly a performer. I don't ever remember Joe in the clubs promoting any of the Bass stuff. I remember them giving Luke his credit on the Nezz label and not on the Sunnyview label when Ghetto Jump went national. Make no mistake people...Miami Bass was created in "MIAMI" and Amos was the instrument. I know...I WAS THERE!!!

...Thank you!


Agree I put him under the 4 Sight Record label

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