Fashion Freakouts From Fourth of July 2014 on South Beach

Photo by George Martinez

Things sure aren't perfect here in the land of the free, but we're still happy to bravely drink our weight in alcohol and wear almost nothing on the Fourth of July ... Because isn't that the whole point?

Our founding fathers celebrated life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And so shall we.

Here are ten fashion freakouts from Fourth of July on South Beach.

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Photo by George Martinez

Here in America, we love our men with unruly scruffiness. Is it wrong for a white man to rock the dreads? Not in the USA. In this country, a man can have both nipples pierced and still leave the house without fear of ridicule. Seriously, bro looks like he could kick your ass anyway.

Photo by George Martinez

This guy really loves America. Or he's just eyeing some sweet piece of ass-candy behind the photographer, which is totally a possibility on South Beach. What the most American way to celebrate the red, white, and blue? Wearing too many gold chains and a star-spangled bandana, obvi.

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