Nightmares on Wax Talks 25 Years of Dance Music and "the Adventure of Discovery"


Most of the seminal acts from the '90s rave era are now but relics of the past. Few remain active on the scene today, and even fewer have continued to cultivate their sound to parallel electronic music's evolution in the new millennium.

Nightmares on Wax, the pioneering project from UK producer George Evelyn, is a formidable exception. With 25 years under his belt, Evelyn shows no signs of slowing down. And N.O.W.'s quarter-century-and-counting musical journey continues to be one of prolific reinvention -- spanning acid house, trip-hop, dub, and beyond.

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"We were bedroom-mix DJs that did crazy mega-mixes to cassette using soundtracks and old-school hip-hop, funk, and soul," Evelyn tells Crossfade about the project's early days.

"When I pressed our first release, I was distributing our 12-inch to all the independent record stores in the UK by hand," he remembers. "I went into a store called FON Records, and the guy working behind the counter was Steve Beckett. He mentioned they were thinking about setting up a record label, which became Warp later that year. He asked if we'd like to remix 'Dextrous' from the EP that I had been distributing. I agreed, and we released it three months later in November 1989. The rest is history."

Warp Records, of course, is not only N.O.W.'s longstanding home label, but one of the most iconic and groundbreaking imprints in electronic music history -- Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Boards of Canada being just a few of the luminaries who've contributed to its catalog.

The label is also responsible for Nightmare on Wax's new 25-year retrospective collection, N.O.W. Is the Time, comprising the greatest hits and a special-edition box set, which includes Deep Down: Remixes & Rarities and a book of memorabilia.

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