How to Win a Strip-Club Championship, According to the Pole-Dancing Pros

Courtesy of Tootsie's Cabaret
Meet Pole Kat, "entertainer of the exotic nature."

Hey, ladies! What if there was a way to get in shape, commune with fellow women, and win a ton of money? You'd be excited, right? And how about if we meant pole dancing?

Dawn Price is a dedicated fitness instructor with ten years of experience teaching everyday women how to pole dance for themselves. This weekend, she'll judge a slew of entertainers vying for the Summer Pole Party Competition's big $15,000 cash prize at Tootsie's Cabaret.

These women are highly-skilled dancers from all kinds of backgrounds, but Price promises the women she teaches at Iron Flower Fitness are just average ladies, young and old, big and small. She says, with the right attitude, any woman can be a pole dancing vixen.

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Courtesy of Tootsie's Cabaret
Taylor will be competing this weekend for the big cash prize.

Ms. Dawn Price is a woman with a lifelong background in dance. That's what first attracted her to the pole fitness industry. She knows a lot of people see pole dancing as dirty, but she's fighting against that attitude, one class at a time. And the nastiest girl isn't necessarily going to get top score.

"It's about a woman's personality. If she's a raunchy kind of girl, that's what's going to come out on stage," Price says. "How do you carry yourself? How do you walk? The way a woman's body curves, not masculine, like a wild animal.

"In this competition, I'm going to be looking for that side, that womanly stuff, not the masculine fastness," she explains. "I like it slow."

Sensuality and movement, ladies.

Difficulty of Moves
Tootsie's is not some rinky-dink club. With poles reaching 25 feet in the air and thousands of dollars at stake, competitors need to break out their best moves to make the cut.

"I'm looking for difficult moves that I can tell, 'Wow, that's hard. She's got a lot of body strength. But she still came out of it looking like she didn't do anything," Price says.

"Make it look easy, and that's a definite plus."

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Tootsie's Cabaret

150 NW 183rd St., Miami Gardens, FL

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This article is absolutely hilarious calling Dawn Price a pro. She can do basic spins at best. Its beyond me how she got picked as a judge or has any say in the pole world at all. She has never competed and is no where close in talent to any of the competitors she judged. By the way I am Taylor in the top pic. Lol what a joke


Lol this article is hilarious saying Dawn Price is a pole champ. She is basic with spins at best. By the way I am Taylor in top pic. Who even knows how she got picked to be a judge?! But she should have absolutely no say in the competing world of pole cosidering she has never competed and can not do much on the pole. What a joke lol



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