Blonde Redhead and Mayer Hawthorne - Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour - Miami

Photo by Ian Witlen
Check out Crossfade's full 46-photo slideshow of Blonde Redhead and Mayer Hawthorne in Miami.

Blonde Redhead and Mayer Hawthorne
As part of the Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour
Soho Studios, Miami
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Not everyone can afford a fancy Mercedes-Benz, but when Mercedes-Benz is putting on a party to celebrate the launch of the new GLA sports utility vehicle, everyone can afford live music.

The live music at last night's Miami stop of the Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour was actually really good, bringing us a bit of post-punk romance with Blonde Redhead and soulful R&B from Mayer Hawthorne.

And what did we learn? Despite pop music and EDM's evidence to the contrary, people still get really excited over guitar tuneage.

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Photo by Ian Witlen
Check out Crossfade's full 46-photo slideshow of Blonde Redhead and Mayer Hawthorne in Miami.

We just missed the start of Blonde Redhead's set. So when we shuffled into Soho Studios at 9:10 p.m., the sounds of "Love or Prison" were already working the front-half of the building into an ethereal stupor. The trio stared down at their instruments more than they looked at the crowd, and there was no cutesy banter between songs. They worked straight from one dreamy soundscape into another. And time to time, the meditative sonic moments were jostled by explosive guitar crunches, more noise than actual melody. We miss that sort of thing.

It was nice to see Miami enjoying something so subtle, even if some members of the crowd wouldn't stop chattering away. The show also acted as a great excuse for anyone who ever wore black for more than a week at a time to completely own their shit.

Photo by Ian Witlen

The members of Blonde Redhead are also incredibly talented. Though consisting of only three people, there were enough instruments on stage for a band twice their size, and they moved between them from song to song, switching between Kazu Makino's breathy vocals and Amedeo Pace's somewhat manlier ones.

You could tell some of the crowd members were devout fans. We caught this one dude playing air guitar, correct fret fingerings and all, to his favorite jam. Most people went crazy over their last song, "23." And after 45 minutes of solid shoegaze, it was time for a free drink.

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Soho Studios

2136 NW First Ave., Miami, FL

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First song on Hawthornes set list was Maybe So, Maybe No

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