GTA's Van Toth and JWLS Talk Success: "It's Crazy, and It Keeps Getting Crazier"

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GTA's Van Toth and JWLS: All gold everything.

A lot has changed for the boys of GTA. They're no longer Miami's most promising upstarts but internationally known DJ-producers. They've opened for Rihanna's world tour, played nearly every major music festival in the United States, and relocated to the West Coast.

But even though JWLS (AKA Julio Mejia) and Van Toth (AKA Matt Toth) may have become almost famous and moved to Los Angeles, they're still the same old subtropical dudes screamin' "Death to genres!"

We here at Crossfade recently spoke with the GTA bros about how far they've come and why it's so important to kick off their new cross-country party series, Good Times Ahead, in the MIA.

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Crossfade: A lot has changed since we last talked. Then you were just headlining your first show at Grand Central, and now you're headlining your own tour.
Matt Toth: It's been nonstop for us. We've hardly had time to sit down and fully absorb everything that's happened. It's crazy, and it keeps getting crazier. We've played all the biggest festivals in our country and even some of the big festivals outside of our country. So many people would love to be there, and we're superlucky to have that opportunity.

You recently moved to L.A. Why was that a necessary move?
Julio Mejia: It's very important for us now, because everything that we're working with is all out there. Our management is out there. We have a lot of people that we're collaborating with out there. L.A., in general, is the spot to move if you have a career in music. But we love Miami, and hopefully, we'll move back very soon.

Good Times Ahead seems like it's your state of mind right now. Everything in a good place.
Mejia: Pretty much. We really just want to bring our sound and throw a party that everyone can come in, all kinds of people. Whether you're into a bunch of rap or you're into rave music, whatever. You can hear it all at our party. We just want people to appreciate music for what it is.

Toth: And have good times.

Mejia: Ahead.

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