Life in Color Announces Two-Day Festival, Brought Martin Garrix to Sun Life Stadium

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Photo courtesy of Andrew Soria/Life in Color
Two good things are better than one, and by that logic, the Life in Color Miami Festival just got a whole lot sweeter.

The "largest paint party in the world" brought Martin Garrix to Sun Life Stadium last night in order to announce the return to its hometown for not one but two days of gooey, sticky, dayglow-covered untz. Crack open a glowstick and mark your calendar for Friday and Saturday, Dec. 26 and 27.

C'mon kids. There's no better excuse for skipping out after a week of uncomfortable family holiday dinner conversation than dance music.

The over-the-top half-time performance at the Guinness International Champions Cup Final soccer match between Manchester United and Liverpool was watched by about 60,000 attendees and broadcast in 150 countries.

"They offer us to the opportunity to produce a halftime show in front of two of the biggest soccer teams in the world, especially me being a huge soccer fan, it's such a privilege," said LIC co-founder Sebastian Solano.

Even the 18-year-old superstar Garrix was amped.

"I love football," he said. "I used to play myself when I was younger. It's crazy and it's an absolute honor to be here today."

In a way, Garrix's festival anthem electro house is perfectly suited for such a stadium performance, not that he saw it coming.

"I think it's a really interesting culmination," Garrix said. "When I'm in the studio, I'm not thinking 'can they play this at a soccer stadium during a match,' but it's crazy to see how well they support. I'm super excited about today, and I'm actually a little bit nervous."

Those nerves are nothing a few rounds of Fruit Ninja on the old iPhone can't handle, and Garrix pulled the show off as brilliantly as a DJ could ever a half-time. With only eight minutes of airtime, it's not so much about taking a crowd on a journey as packing in the hits and making them say "ahh."

Not that it's a bad thing. The short show managed to be a spectacle and a half, eliciting a number of awe-moments from on-lookers.

"For this year, it's a much, much bigger production," Solano said, comparing last night's show with the half-time performance LIC delivered in 2013. "We had a lot more lead time. We've been working on this for the last few months, the budget is significantly bigger. We were able to do some really amazing stuff."

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Sun Life Stadium

2269 NW 199th St., Miami Gardens, FL

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Rossy Aleman
Rossy Aleman

Last time I went it was at the Miami convention center. AC!!! Just sucked that we couldn't walk around with drinks cause of the teens

Roly Indelible Jimenez
Roly Indelible Jimenez

I went last year. It was a good time until it started raining. We wanted to be hit by paint, not dance soaking wet. There was no shelter ANYWHERE either. Apparently at the end when R3HAB played they realized they had a shit ton of paint left so they ruthlessly tried getting rid of it in the crowd. Now we're soaking wet trying to avoid the gallons of paint they were throwing into the crowd every second. The rain was beyond their control but hopefully they learned from last year and will have covered areas. Also, the crowd was one of the most violent I've ever seen when 2chainz was supposed to come on..... maybe skip out on the rapper this year?

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