Sunday Dance Nation at ARTcade: "What House Music Was Like Ten Years Ago"

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Ah, the '80s ... A time when underground house music revolutionize the club scene and Pac-Man was the coolest game you could get your hands on.

SoBe's "nerd sanctuary" ARTcade is bringin' it all back with Soul Logic's Sunday Dance Nation.

"It's like what house music was ten years ago," explains resident DJ Jared Coetzee. "That's the motivation behind it."

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Alright, so the '80s weren't exactly a decade ago, but hosting a party solely dedicated to old school house at a venue that's all about recreating childhood memories (but even better because craft beer, duh), Sunday Dance Nation will definitely tug your heart's nostalgic chords.

"We'll definitely play anthems in the house world and throw in old school vocals to make it relatable, but get into our own productions as well," says Coetzee.

Originally from South Africa, Coetzee has DJ'd in other cities, but nothing has captivated him like the 305.

"Miami is the best scene for house music," he admits.

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235 12th St., Miami Beach, FL

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David Oves
David Oves

Maria Acevedo did you add strobe lights to your closet?

Joe Suarez-Sarmiento
Joe Suarez-Sarmiento

It got horrible reviews on Yelp. They're over hyping it with nothing to deliver. "Plain white room with a Spencer's light machine".

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

good article, video games, house music and alcohol sounds like my kind of party

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