Miley Cyrus Playing Jeffrey Deitch and Tommy Hilfiger's Art Basel Miami Beach Party

Photo by Tyrone Lebon

Gratuitous tongue wagging. Thong onesies. Human-sized bananas.

Where are we? An Art Basel Miami Beach rager? Or a Miley Cyrus arena show?

Exactly. And that's why it is almost no surprise that America's most ratchet former Disney starlet is bringin' dem Bangerz to Basel week.

She has just been confirmed as the main attraction for Jeffrey Deitch, Tommy Hilfiger, and V Magazine's #ABMB bash at the Raleigh Hotel on South Beach.

But, duh, it's a private, invite-only thang.

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Yung Lean, the 18-Year-Old Swedish Rap Star: "I Saw This Shit Coming"

Photo by Brock Fetch
Yung Lean, inspired by sadness and Arizona Iced Tea.

Your kid drops out of high school to start an Internet-driven music career, rapping about video games, hard drugs, sadness, and Arizona Iced Tea. As a parent, you may raise an eyebrow.

Lucky for Yung Lean, he doesn't have any parents.

That's obviously not true, but the 18-year-old Swedish stream-of-conscious MC likes to keep his cards close to his chest. He and his producer friends Yung Sherman and Yung Gud bring their talents together as the Sadboys. They got the Internet going nuts with 2013's Lavender EP and Unknown Death mixtape. This year's full-length Unknown Memory benefits from more money and better production, but it still has the same dreamy style.

Depending who you ask, Sadboys are either the future of music and fashion, or everything that's wrong with the world. Prepping for his Basel Castle 2014 gig, we here at Crossfade chatted with Lean about the Swedish hip-hop scene, speaking three languages, being "a '90s child," predicting the future, and making "music just for myself."

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TV on the Radio Playing Tumblr IRL's Show During Art Basel Miami Beach 2014


After bassist Gerard Smith's 2012 death from lung cancer, TV on the Radio almost called it quits.

"At the end of the last album and tour cycle I was on the page of, 'We could put this down right now and I'd feel really good about what we've done,'" TVOTR frontman Tunde Adebimpe recently told Billboard.

Two years later, though, Adebimpe and his Brooklyn indie band are back. They've just released a stellar new album, Seeds. And they're about to return to Miami for a Basel week experiment with Tumblr IRL.

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Le Baron's Basel Pop-Up Celebrates Ten Years: "Not Looking for the Normal VIP"

Photo by Lex Hernandez
Basking in the glow of Le Baron's iconic red-hot top hat.

It's Art Basel Miami Beach's de facto VIP room. And in its ten-year history, Le Baron has served as the clubhouse for creative types.

But even though celebrities like Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Pharrell Williams have made cameos at the hot spot, star sightings are not why throngs of people clamor at the door, hoping to get in.

"You know, most of the places are meant for people who have money or cars, or who are famous on TV or whatever," says André Saraiva, co-founder of Le Baron. "I make a place for the artists I like and people who create. They are the people who get in and make Baron their home. Then the rest can come, of course. I'm not looking for the normal VIP. That's not what I'm interested in."

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Bar Guide

Photo by Lex Hernandez
Get buzzed with Basel's most beautifully boozy.

Art Basel hits our city each December like a ton of very stylish, possibly graffitied, definitely expensive bricks. People with cash flock here to snap up valuable artwork, culture nerds come for the quirky performances, and party animals get ratchet at each and every live music venue, because it's still Miami.

The thing is, maybe you've never been to this weird seaside town, and you'd really like to experience a bit of the nightlife outside the December art bubble. There are plenty of other bars around Miami that fill up each Basel with those who just want to chill for a minute.

Here are our suggestions for Miami's best bars, with something for every taste and sexual preference.

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Danny Brown on Rap: "People Get Celebrated for the Bad Shit, Moreso Than the Good Shit"

Photo by Josh Wehle

These days, iconically quirky Detroit-born rapper Danny Brown rhymes about sadness, drugs, cats, Cool Ranch Doritos-smelling poonanny, and other such stuff.

You'll get the chance to join in on the fun during this year's Art Basel Miami Beach, as part of Fool's Gold Day Off.

Danny will be taking the stage with A-Trak and DJ Mustard, among others. And we here at Crossfade were able to catch up with Danny in preparation for this momentous occasion.

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Andre 3000's I Feel Ya Exhibit Coming for Art Basel Miami Beach Week 2014

Photo by Elenade Soto

Did you get the chance to see Outkast during this summer's great revival tour? If not, you missed out. If so, you were probably wondering about that weird black jumpsuit André 3000 wore with the cryptic message on it.

Always a pillar of unique and thoughtful style, André 3000 wore 47 different jumpsuits, one for each stop of the tour, and he wrote those messages in response to each day's super-saturated, Internet-driven media cycle.

Now, during Art Basel Miami Beach week, fans will finally get the chance to see all 47 put on public display as part of the mixed-media exhibit "i feel ya: SCAD + Andre 3000 Benjamin," coming to Mana Wynwood, from Wednesday, December 3, through Sunday, December 14.

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Look Alive Fest's Basel 2014 Lineup: Stephen O'Malley, Iceage, and Nine Others

Photo by Alex Markow
Mohawk or shaved head... Just Look Alive.

Still breathing?

Good. 'Cause Look Alive Fest is back.

Last year, this "homegrown, alternative festival" popped up for its inaugural, two-night Art Basel Miami Beach week edition with Detroit noise-rocker Wolf Eyes, Houston's Indian Jewelry, and a bunch of locals like Teepee, Cop City/Chill Pillars, Lil Daggers, and Nerve City.

Now for Basel 2014, Look Alive's added another night to the rock, punk, and metal festivities. The organizers at Miami's Quiet Mind Recordings (formerly Spilt Milk Projects) have partnered with Gramps, Radio-Active Records, and Churchill's Pub. And they've booked a rad three-day, 11-act roster, headlined by drone metal legend Stephen O'Malley of Sunn O))) and Denmark post-punk crew Iceage.

But don't die from excitement on us... Just check the cut for Look Alive Fest's full lineup and schedule.

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Martin Buttrich's #9414 Tour Celebrates 20 Years of Dance Music

Photo by: Dennis Morris

If you're a real house head, you've probably got love for Loco Dice. You're more than likely to have a few Timo Maas records in your collection. And you just may harbor a serious music crush on Martin Buttrich.

Not only is he a decorated electronic producer in his own right, with an illustrious original and remix catalog, boasting a Grammy nomination for his work on Tori Amos' "Don't Make Me Come to Vegas," Buttrich is also the man behind the curtain on a lot of house music's most seminal albums.

Through the years, he's watched as dance music grew from a purely underground phenomenon to highly profitable mainstream trend, and he's currently marking 20 years in the biz with a very special worldwide tour, #9414, featuring cameos from some of the scene's most beloved DJs.

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SBTRKT Announced for Basel 2014 Show by III Points and YoungArts

Masked man and electronic experimentalist SBTRKT

Higher, higher, higher.

As Art Basel Miami Beach week approaches, the enviable aesthetic experiences on offer just pile up, up, up.

And today's thrilling #ABMB announcement... The addition of English electronic DJ, musician, and producer SBTRKT to III Points and YoungArts' already impressive Basel concert lineup.

"We've been trying to book him since 2011," says III Points' David Sinopoli. "But we wanted the live set, not the DJ set. We were dead set on hearing his tracks properly performed, as opposed to hearing him spin."

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