Basel 2013: Tegan & Sara (and Big Fans Puking in the Sand) at VH1 and Scope Party

Photo by Ian Witlen

Tegan & Sara
VH1 and Scope's Art + Music + Beach Party
SCOPE Pavilion, Miami Beach
Friday, December 6, 2013

At 8 p.m., the massive oceanfront tent that houses one of the largest auxiliary fairs during Art Basel Miami Beach week, Scope, closed its doors for the night. Nearby, a long line formed to enter a fenced-off bit of sand. The beautiful people and their benefactors jockeyed for position to get inside the invitation-only VH1- and Scope-hosted event.

Once inside, they were greeted with a candy apple station. There was one table where you could buy tacos, another with sushi, sweepstakes to win a Fiat -- that would also get you on the car company's mailing list -- and a cash bar. The only aspects of the party that did not involve commerce were the luxurious bathrooms set up in trailers and the main attraction, Tegan & Sara.

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Basel 2013: Saturday Party Guide

SBTRKT says: "Basel Castle ... It's just the 'Right Thing to Do.'"

Less than 48 hours left to get your arty party fix, friends.

That's right ... It is the next-to-last day of Art Basel Miami Beach 2013. And you've done four straight afternoons at the fairs.

But if you're not already laid up in a SoBe hotel bed (or crumpled on a half-collapsed sofa in some Wynwood crash pad) with a nasty case of ABMB-induced exhaustion, let's start planning your fourth straight night of Basel clubbin'.

Just check the cut for Crossfade's 25-party guide to today's Basel 2013 music and club stuff.

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Basel 2013: Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and Sheek Louch Turn Up Till Closing Time

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

Ghostface Killah
With secret guest Raekwon
Plus Tha Lox's Sheek Louch
DJs Heron, Self Born, Klassik, and Exes
The Stage Miami
Friday, December 6, 2013

There were patdowns at the door. And a bouncer forewarned "tonight's a different crowd."

On Thursday, De La Soul's Maseo, Dave, and Pos did Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 at The Stage Miami. And it was all 'bout positive old-school vibes and that "real hip-hop."

But last night, Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah was up in the Design District's best club, looking to cause some Basel mayhem. Would there be violence, mutilation, riots?

Nope. Despite security's high-alert status, the club being a sweaty mob scene, and Ghost not going on till 2:43 a.m., there weren't any injuries. And the allegedly gangsta crowd got nothing but happy and high. And a full-show surprise cameo from Wu-Tang's Raekwon.

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Basel 2013: Friday Party Guide


Basel is bonkers.

Day after day after day after day after day, we all get to arty party with the famous, infamous, and unfamous. Some of the fun you're not invited to. And some of it's totally free.

Tonight's just as awesomely all over the place. Check the cut for Crossfade's guide to Friday at Art Basel Miami Beach 2013, from Boy George in Wynwood to Ghostface Killah in the Design District and Richie Hawtin on South Beach.

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Basel 2013: De La Soul Throws a House Party for "Everybody Who's 'Bout Real Hip-Hop"

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez
Check out Crossfade's full 45-photo slideshow of De La Soul at The Stage Miami.

De La Soul
With DJs Heron, Self Born, and Ynot
Opening set by Problem Kids
The Stage Miami
Thursday, December 5, 2013

"We are De La Soul! And we been doin' this a long fuckin' time," MC Dave, AKA Trugoy the Dove, hollered, smiling and bouncing around the stage at The Stage Miami. "Can we take you back to that long fuckin' time for a minute?"

Last night, almost a full quarter-century after Big D and his De La homies, Posdnuos and Maseo, released the still-essential 3 Feet High and Rising, they rolled into the Design District's best club at about 2 a.m. for a Basel 2013 house party, putting the hip and the hop back into rap.

Like Crossfade's newest buddy, Darron, said while smoking a fattie, it was "a late-late-night, hell-yeah, no-bullshit, good fucking time."

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Black Lips' Basel 2013 Pool Party: Naked Women, Vomit, and Fog Machines

Photo by David Von Bader

Black Lips
Shore Club, Miami Beach
Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's fair to say that Art Basel Miami Beach has come under critical siege at times for its supposed devolution from world-class art festival to glorified party.

However, while plenty of people critiquing Basel are, in fact, too cool for even the coolest events and busy playing the role of the post-hip hipster, the fact of the matter is Basel takes place in Miami and Miami fucking parties.

While there is so much more to this city and its culture than partying, it is in the subtext of just about everything going on around here. And it is with that spirit in mind that Atlanta's Black Lips and Juxtapoz Magazine threw Basel 2013's ultimate rock 'n' roll gig -- a pool party at the Shore Club, complete with naked women, vomit, and fog machines.

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Basel 2013: Ten Free Weekend Parties

Trick Daddy via
Get ratchet with the "305 Mayor" AKA Trick Daddy.

Have you crashed enough exclusive celebrity-studded, liquor-fueled, art-driven Basel bashes yet? We didn't think so.

However, if you've already blown all your cash getting in on that VIP list to see Pompeya at Soho Beach House or Kendrick Lamar at Mana Wynwood, here are ten free Art Basel Miami Beach parties going down this weekend, no bills or invites required.

Now go and get your arty party on.

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Ben Wash on Electronic Music, Moving to Miami, His King's Head Label, and Basel 2013

Photo by Casino Nelson
Ben Wash

At 22 years old, Ben Wash is hoping to become a music mogul and electronic music heavyweight.

He's so committed to his craft, he moved from his native Greenville, South Carolina, to Miami in order to gain wider exposure. And with his label King Head Records, he's well on his way.

In addition to himself, the King's Head roster includes Culture Prophet and Treznik, and eventually, Wash says, the label will be scouting for more local talent. And like Dim Mak and Ed Banger, King's Head is looking to develop as a lifestyle brand beyond just music.

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Basel 2013: Kendrick Lamar Ruled, Kanye West Was a No-Show at Mana Wynwood

Photo by Morgan Coleman
Check out Crossfade's full 30-photo slideshow of Kendrick Lamar at Mana Production Village.

Last night, I tweeted at Kanye West for the first time ever. Did I think he'd read the tweet? No, duh. But I did want to document that my feet hurt a lot, and that it was his fault entirely.

A substantial group gathered under the Flaunt magazine tent in Wynwood waiting for Kanye to arrive. The audience steadily melted, along with the mud on the totally naked performers' bodies. We -- nude ladies and black-clad crowd -- all ended up collapsing slowly to the floor with fatigue. Kanye was supposed to be the cherry on top of the dirt slathered, human sundae that was L.A. artist Vanessa Beecroft's performance. Sure, it wasn't billed that he was definitely attending, but there's no doubt he was the "special guest."

"For the love of Yeezus!" we silently screamed, "Show us some 'Mercy,' 'Ye!" But the whole night was certainly not ruined by the lack of a ramble about rappers making designer clothes (for the people who cannot afford them). Nope. About 20 minutes of Kendrick Lamar at the end of the night almost completely erased the memory of that grueling hour and a half that we spent waiting with fear for vaginas to finally emerge from beneath thinning mud. And we're not exaggerating, Kendrick really, really did it.

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Basel 2013: Thursday Party Guide

ASAP Rocky's ready to arty party.

Welcome to the weekend, friends.

Oh yeah, it's Thursday. (Don't worry. You did not fall into an art- and booze-induced coma. Yet.) We here at Crossfade simply prefer to get the party started approximately 24 hours earlier than usual during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Why? Partly because we're still drunk from waiting around for Kendrick Lamar's 1 a.m. set to start last night. And partly because there's just too much world-class boozing and schmoozing to be done for us to waste any time at the office.

Check the cut for Crossfade's 20-party guide to today's Basel 2013 music and club stuff.

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