Five Real Trap (Rap) Songs

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Three Six Mafia, straight runnin' the trap.

The word "trap" has two meanings in the music world.

Birthed in the early 2000s, it was bass-y, kick drum-ridden, synth hi-hat Southern hip-hop, all about the venue (a trap) for drug deals and the lifestyle of a bagman. Now, though, trap rap is often befuddled with the mechanical, schizy EDM spawn often heard blaring from every house on Fraternity Row.

Look, we're not trying to knock on dubstep's baby cousin. Crossfade just wants to recognize some of the trap songs that started it all, before "los terroristas" hijacked the genre.

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Miami's Seven Most Essential Rap Anthems


With EDM and PLUR on eternal overdrive in Miami, it's easy to forget the city's real musical roots. Before Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, there were big, booty, bitches.

The Magic City boasts its fair share of rap anthems that molded Dade County into a mecca for rump-shaking club hits. And it's OK to praise Will Smith's paragon, "Miami," or applaud Vanilla Ice for his '90s machismo. But we here at Crossfade want to highlight the city's bona fide bangers by a crop of rappers who live and breathe the MIA.

Sorry, Sean Kingston and Flo Rida, you didn't make the cut.

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Pitbull Remixes Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" ... Daleee!


"Mr. Worldwide! Pharrell! Daft Punk! Let's 'Get Lucky'!"

The other day, a Pitbull remix of the lead single off Daft Punk's new studio album, Random Access Memories, popped up on the Interwebs, thanks to YouTube user kevvy9gorillazfan and a guy named DJ Pup Dawg.

But unsure of the clip's authenticity, we here at Crossfade contacted Dat Lil Chico's reps. And yes, Team Pitbull confirms: "It's real."

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Uncle Luke Drops New Booty Banger: "What the South Has Been Waiting For"

The timing? Perfect.

Happy hour at the strip club was starting to feel like a XXX version of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day. It's the same three songs over and over and over again.

We've already experienced how every "big booty ho" works the pole to 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song," and know how much better lap dances feel when the DJ drops "Fucking Problems."

What we really want, damn it, is more booty! And only one man's music can truly make a woman "bust it wide open." His name is Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell, and his new single is called "What The South Has Been Waiting For."

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Sex on the Dance Floor: A Ten-Point Guide to Making Love in the Club


Dancing is about fucking. Period.

Anyone who says they just loooove to dance is either lying or totally DTF. Dancing dirty is just dancing honestly.

This mating ritual is an essential cog in the complex machine that is The Birds and The Bees. But there is more than one way to physically signify the insatiable booty-hungriness of the horny human.

Here is Crossfade's ten-point guide to making love in the club.
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Rick Ross: "All 305 Certified Ballers Will Be Present" at The Bawse's Miami Strip Club Party

rick ross kod announcement.jpg
Check the contents of your ostrich-skin wallet.

Along with the XXXL lambskin condom, stack of hundreds, and black AmEx, there should be your up-to-date 305 Baller Certification card.

If, however, you haven't taken care of this year's dues, make sure to send that suitcase full of singles to Baller HQ at King of Diamonds before August 4.

'Cause this Saturday, The Bawse is gonna be throwing his official album release party for God Forgives, I Don't at the number-one urban gentleman's club in the world. And as Ross says, "All 305 Certified Ballers will be present."

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Rick Ross and Usher Promise to "Lick the Nipple," Release New Track "Touch N You"

Ricky Rozay is back and sexier than ever.

Seems like all that baby talk with Rihanna has got his mind in the gutter. 'Cause his new single from upcoming album God Forgives, I Don't is a bedroom anthem for the ladies.

It features a bump-n-grind chorus from the always tantalizing Usher. Plus, some supersuggestive lyrics, as the Boss explains how he does his lady right.

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Rick Ross on Pace to Drop 27.79 Videos in 2012, Watch the First Six

Two seizures and an alarmingly high-caloric diet are mere speed bumps on Rick Ross's road to world dominance.

The man does not stop. He's constantly slangin' MMG dick 'round the world, reminding everyone that he's a Boss, a self-made millionaire "selling dope, straight off the iPhone."

Now Rozay has a new video out for his Rich Forever cut, "Swear to God." It's the Boss's sixth video of the year, and we're only 79 days deep into 2012. If he maintains this pace, Ross will drop 27.79 in 20-tweezy.

Check out the first six after the cut.

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Download Gunplay's New Bogota Rich: The Prequel Tape, Watch "Jump Out" Guerilla Vid

Everyone plugged into Miami rap has known about Gunplay and his raw, unhinged lyrical style for years.

The longtime Rick Ross running mate and Carol City Cartel member figured prominently on the Triple C's 2009 album Custom Cars and Cycles, and scored a substantial regional hit with his Waka Flocka Flame collaboration, "Rollin," among other highlights.

But the last few months have seen Gunplay's stock surge to unprecedented heights beyond South Florida, spurred in large part by his revelatory feature on Kendrick Lamar's epic, nearly seven-minute "Cartoons and Cereal," one of the best rap tracks of the year thus far.

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MTV: Rick Ross Is a Better MC Than Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne

The folks over at MTV News are the tits when it comes to milking arbitrary blog coverage for web hits.

In December, Music Television's news team assembled a March Madness-like bracket system to countdown Britney Spear's 30 best videos. Over 1 million people voted and crowned "I'm A Slave 4 U" the "Best Britney Video of All Time."

And this month, MTV News opened up the polls yet again, asking its 14-35-year-old demographic to rank hip-hop's "hottest MCs." As it turns out, Rick Ross is everyone's favorite.

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