Latimore Talks Joining The Roots and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

Courtesy of Joe Stone
Joe Stone, Questlove, and Latimore.
Latimore is an international soul superstar who's sold millions of records around the world including his biggest hit "Let's Straighten It Out" on Hialeah's own TK Records. Starting in the 1960s, he made his home in Miami as a singer, holding a residency for Clyde Killens at the Sir John Hotel's club The Knight Beat, where the Downtown Miami post office now stands in Overtown.

Last night, he sat in with the Roots on The Tonight Show, a couple of weeks after Jimmy Fallon found an old record of Lat's "Don't Let the Doorknob Hit'cha" and created a parody of it.

Joe Stone is the son of independent music icon Henry Stone, and also the Miami Bass pioneer who introduced Uncle Luke to pressing records. He was also the brains and voice behind one of the 2 Live Jews and he wrote the song "Cars That Go Boom" for electro-pop sensations L'Trimm after he signed them to a record deal.

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AR's Listening Party at Circle House: "Get on My Level"

Photo by Jacob Katel
Backyard DJ hut at the Circle Village compound.

Independent hustler AR is a rapper who wants you to get on his level.

You're going to need a Bentley, several cases of Ciroc, a backyard party at the Circle House, and a single with Jim Jones.

We were there at his new music listening party on Saturday night, getting drunk, eating chicken and shrimp, and jamming to new songs like "Fire."

Check the cut for Crossfade's recap and photos.

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TK Records Reunites for Henry Stone Documentary With George McCrae, Timmy Thomas, Latimore, Little Beaver, and Others

Photo by Jacob Katel
TK Records' Willie Clark, Clarence Reid, Chocolate Perry, George McCrae, Timmy Thomas, Little Beaver, Jimmie Bo Horne, Paul Lewis, Latimore, Henry Stone, and Steve Alaimo.
In the 1970s, Miami's Henry Stone and TK Productions sold hundreds of millions of records around the world. Yes, hundreds of millions of records around the world. 

TK was a humble eight-track studio in Hialeah operated by a close-knit team of musicians and songwriters. The family worked together on each other's songs and made huge hits.

This house of R&B dominated the global music market with a "Miami sound" that's never gotten its just due. But now, Grammy-nominated director Mark Moormann with Beacon Films is working on a feature film about Henry Stone, the local music mogul who made it all happen. And yesterday, some of the label's greatest hit-makers got together for a reunion at Audio Vision in North Miami and a scene in the movie.

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