Miami's Ten Best Gay Clubs

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Because you only party with the hottest.

It's not easy being so fabulous. Unless you live in Miami.

With a sunny, sandy mecca like South Beach, our city's long been a home (and fave vacation spot) for proud, partyin' members of the international gay community.

But SoBe isn't the only neighborhood that flies the rainbow flag. From the Upper East Side to Coral Way and Doral, there are lots of amazing dance spots, hotel bars, even strip clubs for the adventurous yet discerning reveler.

Just check out Miami's ten best gay clubs.

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Best of Miami 2014 Readers' Poll: Music, Bars and Clubs

Categories: Best of Miami


Grab that little red joystick, gamers.

It's time to work out those nimble wrists, trigger finger, and button thumb by casting at least ten votes in New Times' Best of Miami 2014: Game On! readers' poll.

Sadly, the days of "Best Arcade" are long gone. But we here at Crossfade are particularly curious to know ... Who is Miami's best band? DJ? Dance club? Latin club? Rock club? Radio station?

Just check the cut for all music, bars, and clubs categories.

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Brickell's Five Best Clubs

Photo by George Martinez/
Everyone comes out to party in Brickell.

It's no secret that Miami is the party capital of the South, but the charm of our hardcore rep comes from the diversity of our party scene.

For the uhntz-uhntz junkie who's into poppin' bottles of Hennessy, picking up European models, and pricey covers, you have the flashy streets of SoBe. For the down-to-earth music buff who's into local underground acts, there's Downtown. For the artsy, mustached, skinny jean crowd, there's Wynwood. And for those who want a mix of it all, there's Brickell.

Check out the best clubs this side of town.

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Miami's Six Best Latin Clubs

There's more of where this "Papi Chulo" came from.

Miami is known for many things, including horrible drivers, corrupt politicians, and Speedo-clad Dolphins fans. But the one thing that gives the Magic City its sabor picante are all of the Cubanos, Dominicanos, Venezolanos, Colombianos, and other Latinos that call the 305 home.

And if there is one thing the Hispanics of Miami do better than anybody else, it's throw tremenda pachangas. Just take a stroll through Hialeah, Calle Ocho, or any neighborhood really.

You'll hear salsa music blaring in the streets, marvel at natural-born dancers shaking that culo, and smell the smoky goodness of lechón asado being roasted en la caja china.

Guess that's the beauty of living in Miyami. That, and these six clubs.

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Wynwood's Five Best Bars

Photo by Ciara Osorio

Everyone loves Wynwood, it's not even a secret. Whether you're looking to brush up on your culture, enjoy a few brews, gather with locals, hit the shops, whatever.

It's the home of a rad art scene, but it's getting a party rep too. Some of the arty folks and business types aren't too keen on the hood's increasingly hedonistic reputation. But sorry, squares, we're about to add to the problem.

Well, it's not really a problem if you still get to work on time, right? Here are Wynwood's best bars.

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South Beach's Ten Best Dance Clubs

Photo by Liliana Mora

Just the other week, we here at Crossfade were all "everyone knows South Beach parties, but let's talk about the great clubs of downtown." And we did, and it was good. But we know what you really want to do.

Y'all wanna "party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn." Well, calm down Big Willy Style ...

Here are South Beach's ten best dance clubs.

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Downtown Miami's Five Best Dance Clubs

Photo by Jipsy
You can't beat the Garret. Don't even trip.

People all over the world love Miami. To outsiders, this place is one never-ending party, and we'd be full of it not to concede that some locals see it that way too.

Of course, the stereotype is some all-night party on South Beach, in some swank club full of models who don't speak English. But that's only half the story.

If we're being real, we've had some of the most memorable nights on the other side of the bridge. Downtown may not be as flashy, but it knows what's up, and these five dance clubs are more than worth the admission price -- when there is one.

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Miami's Ten Best Hip-Hop Clubs

Photo by Jacob Katel

As 305 maestro Pitbull boasts on "Welcome to Miami" (Dat Lil Chico's edition of Jermaine Dupri's infectious ATL anthem): "Y'all got Uncle Sam, we got Uncle Luke."

Mr. Worldwide is damn right. Ever since the early days of Luke's booty bass, The Magic City has been an X-rated paradise full of fast beats, fast women, and even faster cars.

And you haven't made it in the rap world until you can unapologetically gloat, like Lil Wayne, "South Beach, Miami, ho, I'm probably with Tammy Toe." Or as Weezy once said elsewhere, "Nigga! LIV on Sundays! King of Diamonds Monday!"

Now in honor of Dade County's irrepressible desire to shake its giant culo at the club to any and every bass-heavy banger, we here at Crossfade have compiled a list of Miami's ten best rap clubs.

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Download the New Best Of App

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Want to know where to go and what to do in Miami? Your essential mobile guide -- also known as our Best Of app -- just got better. You already know you can count on the Best Of app to offer restaurant, shopping and nightlife recommendations from Miami New Times' expert critics. Now the app has been redesigned to be faster, sleeker, and packed with even more carefully curated local content. Not only can you find the best burger or martini in town, you can scan critics' picks and other recommended options in those and dozens of other categories. And now that we've combined our Best Of database with our comprehensive local listings, you can always find something nearby. Wherever you are in Miami, the Best Of app is your window to what's around you. It's fast, it's fun, and it's still free. Download it today.

Miami's Top Ten Hipster Bars

Photo by Daniel De Las Casas

Have you accepted that you're a hipster?

Probably not. It's in your nature to deny it. Shit, even that is becoming cliche.

On most nights, though, you're inadvertently (or deliberately?) trendsetting at a handful of offbeat, edgy boozing joints around town.

So, sorry to blow up your spot. But here are Crossfade's top ten hipster bars in Miami.

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