Wynwood Free Parking for Motorcycles: Shots Fires Back at City Gouging

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Courtesy of Shots Miami

For months, Wynwood restaurants and visitors have been fuming about a new parking policy that has made formerly free parking expensive and -- at times -- inconvenient.

Now Shots Miami, a bar on NW 23rd Street, and a Southwest Miami-Dade Harley dealership are firing back by offering a free motorcyle parking lot that will be open most nights.

"All motorcycle makes and models as well as bicyclists are encouraged to park at Shots Miami whenever it is open for business at no cost," says spokesperson Mike Marchant. "This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the scene and not have to deal with all the hassles that parking has become in the area, especially every second Saturday for Artwalk."

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Adore Nightclub: A Photo Tour of Miami's Vegas-Style Party Spot

Via Facebook.com/AdoreMiami
Be Adoréd.

"Luxurious. Sexy. Intimate."

That's how Crossfade described Adoré when we interviewed owner and nightlife impresario, Cy Waits back in December. Now that we've experienced the club firsthand, we can say with certainty that Adoré is indeed everything that Waits described it to be, and more.

From the moment that those golden, leather-bound doors swung open, we were instantly captivated by the warm ambers and mysterious charm of the 12,000-square-foot nightclub.

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Electric Pickle Turns Five! The Most Memorable Moments From Wynwood's First Club

Courtesy Tomas Ceddia
Happy 5th Birthday to the Pickle!

Before Second Saturday Art Walk became a thing, before Wynwood was named one of "America's Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods" by Forbes, before the neighborhood became a walking ground for music royalty, there was the Electric Pickle.

From the moment its neon green sign lit up for the first time in 2009, the Pickle has seen the area evolve from a "ghetto-tastic wonderland" to one of the most culturally enriching localities in the 305.

Sure, it hasn't been smooth sailing for Wynwood's first club (the hotspot went on a hiatus last year due to some code compliance issues and minor renovations), but the Pickle surpassed the test of time, going five years strong.

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Valentine's Day: Six Worst First Dates

Photo by Laurie Charles
Word to the wise: Never feed a vegetarian duck pizza, especially on a first date.

First dates in Miami...

They can be the first encounter you have with Mr. or Mrs. Right (Now), the greatest romantic rendezvous you've had in a while till he asks you to spot him for dinner or she proclaims her unrequited love for you, or, more than likely, one of the most agonizing experiences ever.

And if you're like the artsy folks at Wynwood's Second Saturday Art Walk (and most of Miami's single population), the latter seems to be the more accurate of the bunch.

Here are Miami's six worst first dates, according to the hopeless romantics of the 'Wood.

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E11even Miami: A Photo Tour of the New Nightclub and Nude Cabaret

All photos by Laurie Charles
This is E11EVEN.

Since November of last year, we here at Crossfade have been scratching our heads, wondering, "What is 11?"

Last night, all of the mystery was unveiled at E11EVEN Miami's media opening, where we got to experience firsthand the "upscale nightclub, meets Cirque du Soleil, meets international cabaret."

While not a "strip club" per se, there certainly was a lot of boobage, jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics performances, and exotic dancers atop the club's center hydraulic stage (which happens to have a removable pole).

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Super Bowl: Eight Epic Fails

Via facebook.com/Seahawks
What failure doesn't look like.

When you're up against Peyton Manning and the (no longer?) best offensive team in NFL history, the odds might seem slim when it comes to winning the Super Bowl. But not for the Seattle Seahawks.

With a final score of 43-8, not even Manning, with his all-time touchdown skills (55 end-zone passes this season alone), could rescue the Broncos from last night's bloodbath at MetLife Stadium in Jersey.

A chorus of abrupt cheers and screams filled the bar at Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill in Miami as the Seahawks scored TD after TD and the Broncos embarrassed their fans.

While Denver's team made history for possibly one of the greatest Super Bowl fails ever, the Broncos aren't the only losers in recent NFL history.

So here are eight epic Super Bowl fails, according to the sports freaks at Flanigan's.

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Van Dyke Cafe Closes: Ten Classic Moments from Miami's Favorite Jazz Club

Photo by Laurie Charles
Sayōnara, Van Dyke.

The intoxicating blend of the percussion, the smooth brass sound of the trombone, the deep rhythm of the bass, and the bluesy, jazzy tunes of the harmonica resonated from the corner of 846 Lincoln Road.

It was the closing party for the Van Dyke Café and crowds of locals and tourists alike swarmed the street to watch Oriente pay homage to the place that became one of Miami's musical gems for 20 years.

"We've been playing here, upstairs, every second Sunday of every month for about five years," said the band's lead singer and guitarist Eddie Balzola. "It hasn't just been us; it's been every kind of good musician in South Florida."

The music has officially died for the Van Dyke. Soon, mannequins will stand in lieu of instruments. The ringing sound of cash registers and Top 40 hits on repeat will replace the jazz and blues that once filled the lounge. But as Balzola said right before he led Oriente to their last song, "Life without music, it can't go on."

Here are ten classic moments at the Van Dyke Café, according the club's booking manager Randy Singer and Balzola himself.

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Five Bros You Meet at Beer Pong

Photo by Laurie Charles
Don't even think about getting in this guy's way when he's about to shoot.

Before we could afford to drink Lion Stout from Sri Lanka and craft beers at the Democratic Republic of Beer, we, like most college kids, would spend our Saturday nights talking shit and playing beer pong till we got piss drunk. And from the looks of this past weekend, not much has changed.

Red solo cups, white ping pong balls, and former frat(?) boys surrounded the outside bar of the DRB. It was Round One of the Beer Pong Championship Series, and unlike the collegiate, just-make-your-balls-in-the-cup version of beer pong we're used to playing, the rules at the DRB were a bit more structured.

But that didn't stop these guys from running into their past and reliving their glory days as beer pong masters.

Here are the five bros you meet while playing beer pong.

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Lube Sour and Five Other Drinks for Drag Queens

Photo by Laurie Charles
The femme fatales of Speed Drag.

Don't be a drag, just be a queen ... Or a male bartender dressed up as Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy, Ivanna Shaker, Roxy Rodriguez, and the rest of the fierce bitches at Blackbird Ordinary's Speed Drag.

Male bartenders from the Broken Shaker, Haven, and other local watering holes unleashed their inner drag to raise funds for breast cancer awareness in support of Speed Rack, the all-female bartending competition, going down today at 5 p.m. at Avenue D Jazz & Blues Lounge.

"We wanted to create a platform for women in the cocktail industry," explained Ivy Mix of Speed Rack. "We also wanted to do something for the boobies and figured it would be a great party."

Speed Rack may be a liquor-fueled bash for badass females, but no one knows how to party more than the queens of Speed Drag.

And as Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" blasted from the backyard patio, the divas at Blackbird got rowdy and shared their favorite drink recipes for fabulous femme fatales.

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Miami's Ten Most Hated Songs of 2013

Photo by Laurie Charles

It was the first weekend of 2014. Dudes in handlebar mustaches and bushy beards and ladies in beanies, combat boots, and plaid skirts crowded the back patio of Gramps.

With a glass of Penicillin on one hand and a cigarette on the other, the (mainly) hipster crew in the Wynwood bar reminisced on all the twerking, sexist songs, and radio overkill of the last year. And if there is one thing everyone agreed on, it's that pop music is dead.

Here are Miami's ten most hated songs of 2013, according to the music junkies at Gramps. May 2014 bring better music to our ears.

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