Hannibal Buress and Friends Broke Down the Bullshit at The Stage Miami

Photo by Adam Katzman
Comedy's in a weird place right now.

It's seen a mass middlebrow resurgence of sorts, after inside-baseball podcasts and Louis CK's artsy crit-baiting TV show. And it's also seen new backlash, after Tosh.0's rape jokes revealed that hecklers can be as much the victims of comedians as the other way around.

New, more progressive discourse has put a strain on white male notions of "free speech." But, if last night's Hannibal Buress gig at The Stage Miami was any indication, comedy is in good shape and there are plenty of other voices out there.

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Steve Berke and Ophthalmologist Dr. Linda Kaplan on Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Categories: Comedy, Interviews
Steve chillin' in Dr. Kaplan's crib: "Weed is good for the eyez!"
Steve Berke is in the middle of an ardent conversation about the decriminalization of marijuana and the plant's medicinal benefits when he interrupts himself to ask, "Do you know anybody who doesn't' know someone who smokes weed?"

We don't.

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Pepe Billete's Christmas: Naked Cubanitas, Fake Rick Ross, and Yolis, AKA Cuban Molly

Pepe Billete says: "¡Feliz Navidad, comemierdas!"
Yeah, yeah, yeah ... The Holidays are all about family and delving into the true spirit of the season.

But Crossfade and Pepe Billete are not fooled by any of that swill. We know that it's all about the party and la jodedera. In his latest offering through Escoria Films, Señor Billetazo introduces the latest reject from Jim Henson's creature shop, the Pookie Monster.

Madge can look for Molly all she fucking wants, but if the good Cubanitos and Cubanitas wanna get it together this Christmas season, it's all about the Yolis and Pepe, el Pookie, and La Tia Cuca have got it for you with this latest magical bilingual ditty.

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G5ive Monday Nights Will "Put Your Pussy to the Taste Test"

Categories: Comedy, Interviews
g5ive monday malik s top photo.jpg
Malik S., killing it
"Honey, I'm just going to pop out to catch some stand-up comedy, live funk music, and spoken-word poetry."

"Are you sure you're not going to the strip club again?"

"Does that sound like the sort of thing that would happen in a strip club?"

"So you're not going to be hanging out in the VIP room of a strip club that's got a glass-walled shower for scrub-a-dub shows?"

"Fine, I'll stay home and wash the dishes."

Don't let this happen to you.

Sure, you could just switch over to using paper plates, but the environmentally-friendlier solution is to start taking your special lady to the variety nights every Monday at G5ive Lounge in North Miami.

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Rayzor on Republicans: 'They Think Vaginas Have Secret Compartments Full of Graham Crackers to Absorb Rape Sperm'

Rayzor Obama shirt.jpg
Rayzor is the kind of comedian who doesn't suffer fools lightly. Especially not fool-ass Republicans who are contemptuous of women's rights to control their own reproductive health.

"The thing I will say about those Republicans," he tells Crossfade, "is that they let us know. I just recently learned from them that the vagina has a secret compartment full of graham crackers and, if you're raped and it's not legitimate, it opens up and the graham crackers make it real dry to protect you.

"They're very educational that way, these Republicans."

Rayzor is performing on Monday, August 27 at G5ive Lounge in North Miami. It's a show being produced by Dave and LT of TruStory Entertainment. They're the same guys who brought Rick Ross and big-booty strippers to you and 3,000 other ballers at King of Diamonds last month.

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Miami Heat's 2011-12 Intro Video Remixed! It's a Lot Better With Different Music

Categories: Comedy

Our esteemed music editor S. Pajot has already made his feelings clear about the over-the-top 2011-12 season intro video by the Miami Heat: "Apparently, James, Wade, and Bosh thought that prancing and preening like pretty-boy pop stars for a really expensive YouTube vid was the best way to shake off the stank of defeat."

But we started to think: Maybe the music -- Kanye West's "All of the Lights" -- was the real problem here. So we put a few of our favorite ditties over the video, and sure enough, this thing was a lot more bearable.

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Pepe Billete Takes His Wacky Act and Cubanísmos to El Zol 95.7 FM's Airwaves

Categories: Comedy, Heads Up
¡Vacilando heavy por la mañanita!
t first, we thought our ears were deceiving us yesterday morning. Surely, no one in their right mind would give this man, Pepe Billete, a job. Yet it turns out that in the Magic City -- and specifically the offices of El Zol 95 -- anything is possible.

But then again, you guys did vote for his Escoria Films Twitter feed as the Best of Miami 2011's Readers' Choice winner. So maybe we're wrong in thinking the heads over at El Zol are crazy. We love Pepe Billete and we love what he stands for, but will Miami's morning commuters be ready for his incomparable wit and acerbic cubanísmos?

We hope so.

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Internet Makeup Goddess Gloria Nava on Britney, Sandra Bullock, and YouTube Trolls

Categories: Comedy, Q&A
Gloria Nava
Gloria Shuri Nava is the queen of internet makeup tutorials. This girl is kooky, kinda filthy, clearly smart, and definitely mesmerizing.

The 23-year-old San Jose native showed America how to slap on face paint like Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan while making funny tasteless jokes. She's walked us through the Na'vi face of Avatar, and she's got a knack for breaking down the look of pop stars. Her latest tutorial covers Britney Spears' appearance with panache, sarcasm, and humor.

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Escoria Films' Pepe Billete Talks Cuban Translations of Live, Rick Ross, and Major Lazer

El tipo más suave de Miami!
Well, it was bound to happen.

After springing out of nowhere with some serious observations on '90s retreads Live, local hip-hop boss Rick Ross, and those swell white kids behind Major Lazer, we finally managed to track down el Cubanito behind the glory.

Preferring not to meet in person, I sent him some questions via e-mail that he promised he'd tackle over at the JFK Library in Hialeah.

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La Chusmería Continues With the Cuban Interpretation of Rick Ross

Chusma vs. Rick Ross
Yesterday, we brought you a trailblazing (and clearly drunken) Cuban riff on a video by those alternative rock retreads Live.

But the real gem is this dude's take on a Rick Ross song. And it's not for the faint of heart. In the video, el Cubanito rips the glorified ghetto-ness to shreds. I believe this guy could fight a gorilla. Regardless of which, I ask you put the PC (political correctness) on the backburner and get a good laugh from this track that, like the Teflon Don himself, could've only come out of Miami.

Enjoy the video after the jump. And English speakers, go grab the nearest Latino for translating help.

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