Marimbero's YouTube Riff on Live: Only in Miami... and That's a Good Thing!

It's chusma time with Live!
Last week's local YouTube sensation was a marimbero who took it upon himself to reinterpret a couple of choice musical numbers, including a video by '90s alt-rock retreads Live.

The lively running commentary features gags on arrebatos, primos who don't shut up, and the headache after a good party -- not to mention haircuts, hairdos, and bitches who don't stop with the cellphone-calling. "Estos pantalones no me sirven!" It kinda sounds like a party I attended five or six years ago, the only difference being we had some juicy Caja China pork to munch on.

Check out the video after the jump.

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Happy Birthday, Alice Cooper! Three Farcical Encounters With the King of Shock Rock

Categories: Comedy
Crossfade's favorite shock rocker, Alice Cooper, turns 63 today. And even though he's probably out at some exclusive country club working on his celebrity golf game, we like the image of vintage Alice that involves prop blood, live chickens, and nightly decapitations.

So to celebrate AC's birthday, Crossfade decided to make a list. But not just any list, rather a collection of three absolutely farcical encounters we've had with Cooper over the last several years. They involve everything from boa constrictors to new born babies to bizarre backstage antics. None of the following events actually happened, but it'd be pretty damn cool if they did.

Without any further adieu, enjoy Three Farcical Encounters with Alice Cooper.

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Comedy Review: Daniel Tosh at Fort Lauderdale Improv

Daniel Tosh
Fort Lauderdale Improv

Better than: Granny takes a squirt

Before I begin, I want you all to know that I had absolutely no date to bring to see Daniel Tosh. Not that my friends didn't want to go see the host of Comedy Central's surprisingly good clip show, Tosh.0. It's just that everybody I knew was busy. So acting as my plus one that night: my mother.

Needless to say, my mom didn't exactly "get" Tosh. It was like locking an Amish person in a radio control tower. She had no idea what was going on. The fiercely snarky comic has become the de facto voice of the social media world, renowned for giving "web redemptions" of classic YouTube clips and chronicling the crazier side of Twitter. His comedy is full of pop culture references and self-referential geekiness, and moves so fast it's easy to miss a joke or three. So if you're not quick on the Internet-style uptake, it's easy to get lost in his act.
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Broward Folk Club Rings in New Membership Year with Folk Spoof A Mighty Wind

Categories: Comedy, Heads Up
The Broward Folk Club will ring in another year of membership Sunday at Cinema Paradiso. Never heard of the Broward Folk Club? It's a non-profit dedicated to promoting folk and acoustic music, and it holds open mics throughout the year as well as "jam in the park" events. The group will show A Mighty Wind, the folk mockumentary by those who brought us This Is Spinal Tap and which features mockumentary staples Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Michael McKean, and Parker Posey, among others. The movie follows three folk groups (The Folksmen, The New Main Street Singers, and Mitch & Mickey) as they prepare for the festival. If you've ever seen Best In Show, Waiting for Guffman, or This is Spinal Tap, you can anticipate how the folk movement would be incredibly ripe for Christopher Guest's brand of satire.

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South Florida Karaoke King Armando Saenz

Here's a brand new upload from Armando Saenz's KaraokeKing youtube channel. This dude is hilarious. Click here for his website, and here goes info on all his weekly live appearances and how to book him for your next party.... More »

Cowards In Compton Get Sprayed In Dade

Categories: Comedy

Back in 92', that's 17 years ago, Snoop wasn't the Doggfather, DRE wasn't unfuckwithable and Luke got tried on wax on a track called "Fuck Wit Dre Day" on The Chronic. The diss apparently stemmed from a song on Luke's first solo cd, I Got Shit On My Mind, where he and JT Money call out all the fake gangsters "cause yall aint nothin but prankstas, fuck niggas, ya fakin like gangstas." Dre came back with a very anti-Luke verse...
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Dr. Dre, Luke

Music Video - Lou Miami - Dancing With Death

Categories: Comedy
Lou Miami is not from Miami, he don't perform here, he got nothin to do with this place and this place got nothin to do with him. Matter fact, dude's from Boston and probably just made his name up cause he thought it sounded cool. Give thanks, otherwise I never would've found this video. The movie starts out with some tarot cards and rosary beads then goes to a cemetery scene and features some excellent dancing and use of slow motion. There's also a wicker chair, a weird hat made out of a baby crib with some black curtains, and great editing. The song is also very good and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Lou Miami

Rick Ross and the Triple C's Love Amsterdam's Finest

Categories: Comedy


So if you listen to Rick Ross' music, you probably already know that he likes he's ganja green and sticky. And according to Miami New Times reporter Jason Handelsman, he can also roll blunts one-handed.

I'm not sure if the latter is true, but there's a hilarious new video on the web that shows Ross enjoying some of Amsterdam's finest weed and cracking up laughing in the process. He's definitely stoned to shit and having a good time. If you want to check out the video, DRO from has it posted over on that site. Click here to watch it.

-Jonathan Cunningham

Vice Presidential Debates Get Rick Rolled

Categories: Comedy

(Via Steve Huff, via Fark) The VP debate was Rickrolled! Check out the signs in the back. Incidentally, Rick Astley is up for "Best Act Ever" at the MTV Europe Music Awards -- twenty years after he was a chart-topper with "Never Gonna Give You Up" and "Together Forever." (No, all of you can't have my autographed Astley seven-inch I found at a record store a few years ago.)

-- Annie Zaleski

Does Anyone Want to Date Ray J?

Categories: Comedy


If you saw the full-length version of the Kim Kardashian sex-tape, for some ladies, this is a no brainer. But VH1 is in the process of starting a new television show called, So You Want to Date Ray J?

One can only suspect that it's all about lining up eligible single ladies to see if they can turn R&B singer Ray J into their next ex husband. VH1 is doing a casting here locally at Opium Gardens on Saturday and if you're looking to land the well-endowed (did I just say that?) singer as your next man, or just want to get famous, then here's your shot. The press release is below:

VH1 and Keisha Kash COORDINALLY INVITES YOU to attend as a prominent guests to the "So You Want to Date RAY J?” on September 13thth2008. Doors open at 11:15 pm. Casting is from 11:15pm to 1:00 am. Must be 21 and up. Bring pics and resume or whatever you have. Vh1 is looking for single beautiful women who think they can turn Ray J, one of todays hottest chart topping hip hip artist and notorious playboys into a one-woman man. Special guests from the Music, and Tv industry will be on hand.

That last line doesn't sound too believable. More like key grips and the camera crew will be on hand. Hell, it doesn't even mention if Ray J will be there, but no matter. Have you ever heard of Hoopz, or Pumpkin, or Deelishis...all of these girls are famous solely for being on a VH1 reality show trying to chase down fugly-ass Flavor Flav. At least this time, the guy you're chasing down is still decent looking so why not give it a shot?

And in case you're not familiar with any of Ray J's work (yes, he is Brandy's little brother) here's his latest video.

--Jonathan Cunningham


Ray J

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