Prince Royce on Macking It to the Ladies: "You Gotta Have That Game On Point"


Even Geoffrey Royce Rojas knows the meaning of hard work and hustle.

Today, todas las mujeres know him as the Latin Grammy-nominated bachata star Prince Royce. But just a few years ago, Rojas was a kid with a dream, juggling a full-time job, college classes, and late-night recording sessions in the studio.

It was the kind of struggle that all aspiring musicians face, but unlike most pop hopefuls, he actually achieved his dreams, becoming a multiplatinum-selling artist and Latin music's fastest rising star.

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Cris Cab on Where I Belong: "Great Albums Tell a Story, and That's What I Wanted to Do"

Photo by Tom Clark

Most 21 year olds don't spend their days traveling around the world, performing their songs for crowds of adoring fans while collaborating with some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

But Cris Cab is not most 21 year olds.

Thanks to a combination of hard work, determination, talent, and luck, he linked up with singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, musician, and fashion designer Pharrell Williams. 

The Grammy winner took Cab under his wing and exposed him to a world of superstars before young Cris was even out of high school.

Now this 21 year old is getting ready to release his debut album, Where I Belong. So we here at Crossfade caught up with him to get the story behind this first full-length record.

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De La Tierra's Alex González Talks Metal, Hardcore Punk, and Stupid Critics


Some of the most rabid revelry in metal fandom can be found in Latin America, where the devil horns fly hard by the hundreds of thousands.

Mosh pits the size of soccer stadiums are the norm, and music about fighting oppressive and corrupt regimes hurtle the masses into cathartic euphoria.

Metal supergroup De La Tierra hails from Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paolo, with members from the world-famous Maná, Sepultura, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, and A.N.I.M.A.L. Here's what founding drummer Alex Gonzalez had to say about hardcore punk, Suicidal Tendencies, and stupid critics.

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35 Years of Churchill's Fest: "A Celebration of the Old, the New, and the Future"

Photo by Monica McGivern
Here's to another 35 at Churchill's Pub.

The year was 1979. The Clash kicked off its first American tour, AC/DC released Highway to Hell, and Churchill's Pub opened its doors for the first time.

While the Clash called it quits and the AC/DC dudes have long passed their glory days, Little Haiti's live music gem, in spite of recent changes in ownership, is still thriving.

"The only thing that's really changed is we're more structured," insists Nayra Serrano, Churchill's current booking manager and the woman behind Idle Hands Productions.

"It's cleaner now, but that feeling of that diamond-in-the-rough place, that welcoming vibe, it's still there."

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Five Best Concerts in Miami This Week

Photo by Travis Shinn
Slash, still shreddin' and setting the World on Fire.

With music, you can face anything ... Even Mondays.

Sure, it won't get rid of those annoying coworkers who steal your lunch, countless e-mail threads, and hour-long meetings. But at least it'll make the work week fly by quicker than an Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.

To that end, here are the five best concerts going down in SoFla this week.

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Win Free Tickets for Tori Amos at Fillmore Miami Beach


Why do wayward women have to be penitent?

That was the thought tearing through Tori Amos' mind as she gazed upon an etching entitled "Geraldine" by the Irish artist Daniel Maclise. "It got me thinking about not apologizing," the fiery (and fiery maned) singer-songwriter recalls.

Hence, Unrepentant Geraldines, her defiant and brash new album, which draws inspiration from fine art, Americana, and her own '90s-era alternative chamber-pop.

Check the cut for a chance to win free tickets for Tori Amos and the Unrepentant Geraldines tour at the Fillmore Miami Beach this weekend.

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Miami's Labor Day 2014 Party Guide

Photo by Jipsy/

Ready to get turnt up?

It's (almost) Labor Day weekend!

That means that in a little over a week, the Magic City will be celebrating the American labor movement with an extra day of wild partying, mindless drinking, and grinding with strangers.

Here are the 305's Labor Day bashes, so far.

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Quantic on Uniting Latin and Electronic Dance Music Lovers


As an electronic dance music artist, you can either draw your influences from the relatively limited palette of styles within the genre itself, or reach beyond it.

If you're Quantic (AKA Will Holland), the quest for inspiration could even take you as far as crossing the Atlantic, from England to Colombia, to discover the South American country's rich folk music heritage.

As an expat living and working in Colombia for almost a decade now, the British DJ-producer has explored traditional local music flavors like cumbia and salsa through the kaleidoscopic lens of modern electronic music production. The new crown on Quantic's formidable discography is his latest long player, Magnetica, which he will be presenting at Electric Pickle, along with other choice cuts from his catalog of Latin-electronic fusion originals.

Ahead of the show, we spoke with Quantic about falling in love with Colombian music, the new album, and his return to a more dance floor-focused sound.

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Natalia Jimenez on Feminism and Latin Music: "We're Gonna Push More Than Men"

Photo by Omar Cruz

From singing and playing her guitar on the streets and in the subway stations of Madrid to Grammy-winning success, Natalia Jiménez has been living the dream.

"It was pretty cool when you're 15 and you've got nothing to lose," laughs Jiménez as she recalls her teenage metro days. "I would just go out, take my guitar and little tamborsitos, and play like a hippie. People would throw money at me. I would walk away with like $150 in coins. It was a good deal, you know?"

Sure, la cantante "met a lot of weird people" during that time, but her exposure to such diverse crowds was a glimpse of what her future would be as an international music icon, both with Spanish pop rock crew la 5ª Estación and now as a solo artist.

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Five Best Concerts in Miami This Week

See Mayer Hawthorne for free at Soho Studios.

Ever wished you could make the week disappear?

So does, like everyone else in the Magic City. That's why we're always on the search for good music, good times, and good people.

Just check out the five best concerts going down this week.

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