Mr. Pauer on Cultura Dura Tour: "It's Embracing the New Sound of Latin Music"

Courtesy of Mr. Pauer
Go hard at The Garret with Mr. Pauer.

Gather up tu gente and get ready to go hard at the Cultura Dura Tour.

On Thursday, October 30, Mr. Pauer (AKA Toto Gonzalez) and his amigos at Mike's Harder and Remezcla will be bringing electrópico beats to The Garret at Grand Central for a night of baile, rumba, and lots of spiked lemonade.

Electrópico, as Pauer explains, is "the new sound of Latin music," the next wave on the urban scene.

"It's mixing together trap, moombahton, and everything the new generation of Hispanics listen to, and creating this new fusion."

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7 Seconds Talks 35 Years of Hardcore Punk


For 35 years, 7 Seconds has been a stalwart of the hardcore punk scene. Founded in Reno by brothers Kevin and Steve Marvelli (rechristened Seconds and Youth, respectively), the Sacramento natives have also shared the accolades and detriments of the straight-edge movement.

An energetic man by nature, Kevin, now in his early 50s, hasn't slowed down since the band formed in 1979. Along with the band, he has maintained a busy performance and recording solo career; ran a popular coffeehouse, True Love, with his wife for a number of years in the early '00s; is an artist; and is currently organizing a documentary about his experience as a restaurateur.

We recently spoke with the hardcore veteran and discussed family, touring, and how staying busy has been the secret to staying young.

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Win Free Tickets for Ben Howard's I Forget Where We Were Tour at Fillmore Miami Beach


"Oh, hey, I wasn't listening ..."

Well, we were just saying that English folkie Ben Howard is winding his way toward the Fillmore Miami Beach for a midwinter stop in the subtropics.

This Brit Award-winning, Mercury Prize-nominated singer-songwriter will soon venture across America for the I Forget Where We Were Tour, in support of his sophomore album of the same name.

Ticket presales for the Miami show start tomorrow. But thanks to the fine folks at Live Nation, we here at Crossfade have some free tix. Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Five Best Concerts in Miami This Week

Photo by Chapman Baher

From the alarm clock that woke you up at an ungodly hour this morning to the symphony of 8 a.m. traffic on your way to work, music is everywhere.

Sure, it may not be the kind of music you wanna hear, but that's why you've got us to hook you up with the five best concerts this week.

Check 'em out, from Jeezy at Revolution to Capital Cities at Grand Central to Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull at the American Airlines Arena.

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Murs and ¡Mayday! Talk ¡Mursday!: "We Like to Dice It Up"


What do you get when you combine a veteran rapper from L.A. with a hip-hop group from Miami? Nothing less than the celebration of sound known as ¡Mursday!

The creative relationship between Murs and ¡Mayday! goes back to the band's first album, Take Me to Your Leader, which featured Murs on the track "Hardcore Bitches."

"When we first worked on a song together there was good chemistry between us," says ¡Mayday! emcee Wrekonize. "And after that, we talked back and forth about making more music. He tweeted us semi-seriously that we should make an album. He was joking, but the fans picked up on it, and it caught fire. That's when the idea of ¡Mursday! really hit the road."

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Porter Robinson on Debut Album, Worlds, and Outgrowing "the DJ Thing"

Photo by Rachel Epstein

The electronic dance music world wasn't always so obsessed with the age of its DJs. But Chapel Hill, North Carolina native Porter Robinson, who hit the international scene at 17, may have started an industry-wide mania for the so-called "prodigy." Even tweens are getting record deals in 2014.

But how young is too young to reinvent oneself? At 22, Robinson is already trying to shed his wunderkind rep. Only three years ago, the bass-heavy single "Say My Name" and subsequent Spitfire EP branded Robinson as a teenage sure thing for Top 40 success. He headlined major festivals across the world. He remixed Lady Gaga. He lived the so-called "EDM dream." The only problem: He kind of hated it.

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Red Bull Siempre Fresco: A Fiesta Starring Salsa Legends and Latin DJs

Courtesy of Red Bull
The whole Red Bull Siempre Fresco crew, with Larry Harlow, AKA El Judio Maravilloso, ticklin' the keys.

Larry Harlow plays the piano like palm trees play the breeze, like a lizard plays the grass, like the sunrise plays the morning. He's a natural. And 50 years of practice have made him even better.

The so-called Judio Maravilloso, which translates to "Amazing Jew," was the first guy signed to Fania Records, the label that basically invented the term salsa music. He's the arranger behind the powerful horn lines that have come to define the genre. And he's the player of the magical, dancing piano lines that have sent a hundred million hips in motion.

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Enrique Iglesias: "When I'm Up Onstage, I'm the Happiest Guy in the World"

Photo by Zony Maya

No one knows more about Sex and Love than Spanish panty dropper Enrique Iglesias. In fact, it's the name of his new album.

"I love my fans, and they are allowed to go crazy on me," the Latin heartthrob teases. "Believe me, they keep surprising me with their creativity to get closer and closer."

But a heads up for any wild fanáticas planning to break into the Iglesias compound -- Enrique isn't at home. He's out on the road with the 305's own Armando Christian Pérez, AKA Pitbull, and rising reggaeton star J Balvin. So you'll just have to catch up with him on October 26 when the tour hits the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

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Five Best Concerts in Miami This Week


Nothing sucks more than waking up in the morning thinking it's Friday only to realize that it is, in fact, just Monday.

We've all been there. And yes, it's a crappy feeling. But hey, at least you've got some pretty good music to comfort you.

Just check out the five best concerts going down this week, from Lyle Lovett at the Arsht Center to Foster the People and Porter Robinson at the Fillmore.

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Black Kvlt Fest: "We Got the Biggest Cuban and Colombian Black Metal Bands in the World"

Thy Antichrist proclaims ... There will be blood.

When it rains in Hell, the ground cracks open and Satan's blood flows up from Hades to soak the Earth.

Maggots in the dirt gorge themselves on the devil's plasma until their tiny, ugly bodies burst and microscopic eggs spray everywhere.

Six days later, a new generation of long-haired black metal fans are born. As these creatures grow in fury, size, and power, they flock to speakerboxes blasting the loud, vicious music that feeds their undead souls. And this weekend, the satanic masses shall converge upon Little Haiti for a ritual so dark that it can only be called Black Kvlt Metal Fest.

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