Brazilian Girls - Ball & Chain, Miami

Photo by Sean Rolland
Brazilian Girls' Sabina Sciubba: "Scream it loud!"

Brazilian Girls
With Eons and the Hongs
Ball & Chain, Miami
Thursday, November 13, 2014

Better Than: Any band featuring Gisele, Sônia Braga, or even Carmen Miranda.

Walking into the new Ball & Chain bar, it was a little jarring to see a packed room staring at a three-piece jazz band.

Were we late? And where was NYC electro-pop outfit Brazilian Girls? The party already seemed to be in full effect.

As we discovered, this was the no-cover zone. And out back on the outdoor patio, the dancey, punky main event awaited.

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Interpol and Hundred Waters - Fillmore Miami Beach

Marta Xochilt Perez
Interpol's Paul Banks, crooning and brooding on South Beach.

With Hundred Waters
Fillmore Miami Beach
Saturday, November 8, 2014

Venture onto South Beach on any given Saturday night and you'll likely find a gridlocked mess of sports cars and tourists blocking streets, parking spots, and doorways.

Add the South Florida Auto Show to the mix... and you're in for quite a rough ride.

Luckily, Interpol fans tend to be very polite.

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Marnie Stern and Brooklyn Brewery With Killmama and Kazoots - Gramps, Wynwood

Photo by Kassandra Meyer

Marnie Stern
With Killmama and Kazoots
Presented by Brooklyn Brewery's Mash 2014
Gramps, Wynwood
Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sure, it was a downright brisk November night, and many of us were undoubtedly still feeling the burn from spooking up the city on Halloween.

But that wasn't going to stop the denizens of Wynwood and rock enthusiasts of all stripes from coming out to see the esteemed Marnie Stern grace the stage at local hangout Gramps.

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Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias With J Balvin - American Airlines Arena, Miami

Photo by Sayre Berman
Check out Crossfade's full 40-photo slideshow from Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull in Miami.

Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull
With J Balvin and the Jump Smokers
American Airlines Arena, Miami
Sunday, October 26, 2014

Better Than: Staying home "Bailando" to YouTube videos and listening to your drunk friend talk shit.

When Enrique Iglesias chatted with Crossfade earlier this month, el cantante warned, "Prepárate for 'party time!'"

The Sex and Love playboy may have been joking... pero, bro, was he right.

Last night, the American Airlines Arena turned into the biggest block party in downtown MIA when the Spanish heartthrob, Pitbull, J Balvin, and the Jump Smokers got lose for a sold-out crowd of sugar daddies with hot mamis, bros in snapbacks, MILFs, and abuelas.

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Porter Robinson's Worlds Tour - Fillmore Miami Beach

Photo by Alex Markow
Check out Crossfade's full 43-photo slideshow from Porter Robinson at Fillmore Miami Beach.

Porter Robinson Worlds Tour
With Giraffage and Lemaitre
Fillmore Miami Beach
Saturday, October 17, 2014

Better Than: The hazing we went through growing up because we liked Sailor Moon and Mario Bros. more than whatever it is "cool" kids do.

"Say my name and you can say it with honor."

We'd guess whenever Porter Robinson heard his name ring through his middle-school halls, it wasn't toned with regal regard.

It's nearly scientific fact that nerds and geeks grow up to be the coolest adults, and by the time that 22-year-old Robinson got to his breakout hit, "Say My Name," about midway through the final North American performance of his game-changing Worlds Tour, we'd decided he was on par with his idols Justice and Daft Punk in delivering one of the greatest dance music performances we've ever seen.

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Lyle Lovett & His Acoustic Group - Miami

Photo by World Red Eye

Lyle Lovett & His Acoustic Band
Knight Concert Hall at the Adrienne Arsht Center
Thursday, October 16, 2014

Better Than: Anyone who didn't know any better would ever expect

There was this comment overheard in the men's room following an astounding set by Lyle Lovett & His Acoustic Group: "Can you believe that concert took place in Miami."

It ought not be misconstrued as a putdown of our fair city's musical tastes. Rather, it points to the fact that artists like Lovett, bred in the heartland and known for songs etched with pure down-home designs, visit this area far too infrequently.

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Cafe Tacvba's 20ReCT25 Tour, Celebrating 25th Anniversary - Olympia Theater, Miami

Luz Elena Silva
Café Tacvba singer Rubén Isaac Albarrán Ortega.

Café Tacvba's 20ReCT25 Tour
Presented by Jack Daniel's
Olympia Theater at Gusman Center, Miami
Thursday, October 16, 2014

Last night, Mexican rock band Café Tacvba kicked off its 20ReCT25 Tour at the Olympia Theater in downtown Miami.

This tour is a celebration of the band's 25th anniversary, as well as the 20 years since its very successful second album, Re. That record changed the path of Café Tacvba's musical career and the course of contemporary Latin rock.

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Foster the People and Soko - Fillmore Miami Beach

Jason Koerner
Foster the People's Mark Foster.

Foster the People
With Soko
Fillmore Miami Beach
Thursday, October 16, 2014

Better Than: A no-hit wonder.

"Pumped Up Kicks" is such a good fucking song.

It's cool and catchy and inspires people to use their Shazam app when they hear it on a TV show or at a bar. Modern technology will tell you it is a song by Foster the People, an L.A. band that made its Miami debut at the Fillmore Miami Beach last night.

And if you knew this group only by that one impossibly great hit, you could not help but be disappointed by the 13-song set.

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III Points 2014, Day Three: Mac DeMarco, Jamie Jones and Hot Natured, Tiga, Com Truise

Photo by Ian Witlen/

III Points Festival 2014, Day Three
With Mac DeMarco, Jamie Jones and Hot Natured, Tiga, Com Truise, and others
Soho Studios, Wynwood, Miami
Friday, October 10, 2014

Good morning, Dade County.

Oh, you can't hear me 'cause you're still asleep and the bass is still tickling the inside of your eardrums? I don't blame you.

For the second year in a row, III Points has shown it definitely has a way of obliterating your sleep schedule. But it's all worth the lack of rest, if a life-affirming fix of four-to-the-floor beats is what you've been needing.

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III Points 2014, Day Two: Jamie XX, Metronomy, Cashmere Cat, Chet Faker

Photo by Ian Witlen/
III Points 2014 headliner Jamie xx. Check out Crossfade's full 42-photo slideshow of III Points 2014 Day Two at Soho Studios.

III Points Festival 2014, Day Two
With Jamie XX, Metronomy, Cashmere Cat, Chet Faker, and others
Soho Studios, Wynwood, Miami
Friday, October 10, 2014

It's always been difficult to put on a compelling live electronic music show. And now, with more money made through performing than recording, many mainstream dance musicians have beefed up their live shows, adding all kinds of bells and whistles.

So compared to the high-flying antics of most Top 40 performers and today's EDM stars, a guy standing behind a table chock-full of electronic gadgets may seem boring to some people. Where are the costumes, the wire rigs, the holograms?

But III Points Festival fans abide by a different standard. And Saturday night's lineup of electronic savants proved that one-man bands might not have all the trappings of arena-packing pop stars, but they have something more important, actual talent.

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