III Points 2014, Day Two: Jamie XX, Metronomy, Cashmere Cat, Chet Faker

Photo by Ian Witlen/theCameraClicks.com
III Points 2014 headliner Jamie xx. Check out Crossfade's full 42-photo slideshow of III Points 2014 Day Two at Soho Studios.

III Points Festival 2014, Day Two
With Jamie XX, Metronomy, Cashmere Cat, Chet Faker, and others
Soho Studios, Wynwood, Miami
Friday, October 10, 2014

It's always been difficult to put on a compelling live electronic music show. And now, with more money made through performing than recording, many mainstream dance musicians have beefed up their live shows, adding all kinds of bells and whistles.

So compared to the high-flying antics of most Top 40 performers and today's EDM stars, a guy standing behind a table chock-full of electronic gadgets may seem boring to some people. Where are the costumes, the wire rigs, the holograms?

But III Points Festival fans abide by a different standard. And Saturday night's lineup of electronic savants proved that one-man bands might not have all the trappings of arena-packing pop stars, but they have something more important, actual talent.

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III Points 2014, Day One: Lykke Li, Flying Lotus, Duke Dumont, Hercules & Love Affair

Photo by Ian Witlen/theCameraClicks.com
Lykke Li kicked off III Points 2014 Friday night. Check out Crossfade's full 37-photo slideshow of III Points 2014 Day One at Soho Studios.

III Points Festival 2014, Day One
With Lykke Li, Flying Lotus, Duke Dumont, and others
Soho Studios, Wynwood, Miami
Friday, October 10, 2014

Last night, III Points 2014 kicked off with the strongest musical lineup of the three-day festival.

There were a few infrastructural hiccups. Many of the bars did not accept credit cards, which is odd for a fest that claims to be on the forefront of technology. And many of the staff members were not as knowledgeable of the festival layout as we would have hoped. But these are only curmudgeonly old-man complaints.

The festival grounds at Soho Studios is equipped with a Shake Shack booth and a Panther Coffee, and that's really all you readers need to know.

Meanwhile, musically, the weekend is off to a swimmingly successful start.

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St. Vincent - Fillmore Miami Beach

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

St. Vincent
Fillmore Miami Beach
Monday, October 6, 2014

Better Than: Doing the Automaton Shuffle alone.

"Hello to all of you men and women out there," said St. Vincent, welcoming a few thousand art-rock acolytes to the Fillmore Miami Beach last night.

"And," she added, after a pregnant pause, "all of you who fall into the gaps between those two genders."

It was an uncommon and quite formal (if highly enlightened) way to kick off a couple hours of rock 'n' roll.

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Marc Anthony - American Airlines Arena, Miami

Photo by Sayre Berman
Check out Crossfade's full 27-photo slideshow of Marc Anthony's Cambio de Piel Tour in Miami.

Marc Anthony's Cambio de Piel Tour
With Joey Vega
American Airlines Arena, Miami
Friday, October 3, 2014

Better Than: A night salsa dancing at Mango's.

"Latinos, we always wait to the last minute," joked comedian Joey Vega as los rumberos at the American Airlines Arena waited for el Rey de la Salsa to put on the first of his two-night stand in the 305.

It may have all been a part of Vega's act, but Marc Anthony's opener wasn't kidding about the timing.

With the concert scheduled to start at 8 p.m., Anthony kept his fanáticos, a mix of salsa queens in sparkly skin-tight dresses and pumps of every kind, Abuelas, and papis in white pants, waiting an entire hour-and-a-half for him to make his appearance.

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Belle & Sebastian - Fillmore Miami Beach

Photo by Christina Mendenhall
Check out Crossfade's full 29-photo slideshow of Belle & Sebastian at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Belle & Sebastian
Fillmore Miami Beach
Sunday, September 28, 2014

Better Than: Staying home, to paraphrase everyone's favorite Glaswegian sextet, and playing with yourself.

"We were here! Where were yooou?"

Last night, the five guys and a gal of Belle & Sebastian finally graced a stage in the Sunshine State after a nearly two-decade wait for "our first gig anywhere in Florida!"

Of course, though, the Scottish outfit's impish bandleader Stuart Murdoch attempted to shirk responsibility for this 18-year delay by playfully passing off the blame to Miami's notoriously tardy music fans.

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Jack White's Lazaretto Tour - Fillmore Miami Beach

Photo by Sayre Berman
Check out Crossfade's full 43-photo slideshow of Jack White at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Jack White's Lazaretto Tour
With Olivia Jean
Fillmore Miami Beach
Sunday, September 21, 2014

Better Than: An evening without feedback and hearing damage.

Is rock 'n' roll dead? Fuck no.

Just over a decade ago, the White Stripes' Jack and Meg came screaming, shredding, and pounding out of Detroit to help prove that guitar-and-drum tuneage could still rattle bones and make a body feel alive -- even amid a Top 40 glut of mediocre post-gangsta rap, pop tart crap, and boy band bullshit.

Last night at the Fillmore Miami Beach, Jack (now solo, minus Meg, and based in Nashville) did it again, for maybe the 1,000,000th time, unleashing 100 minutes of ear-scorching, skull-busting evidence that rock's nowhere near the grave -- even in this age of cheap, chart-topping EDM and formulaic meta-pop.

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Modern Love: A Live Audio-Visual Experience - Light Box at Goldman Warehouse, Miami

Photo by Karli Evans
Check out Crossfade's full 53-photo slideshow of Modern Love in Miami.

Modern Love: A Live Audio-Visual Experience
With Andy Stott, Demdike Stare, and Millie & Andrea
Presented by SAFE, Klangbox.FM, Wynwood Arts District Association, Miami Light Project, and Beck's Access
Light Box at Goldman Warehouse
Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's easy to scoff at dance music for being nothing more than a few bleeps and bloops. A genre where the acts amount only to button-pushers.

Modern Love, the 12-year-old Manchester record label, isn't that.

After a first listen to any of the label's releases, you might ask yourself, "Where is this going? Where is the drop?" And we'll have to call on every fiber of our being not to hit you.

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Banks' Goddess Tour - Grand Central, Miami

Photo by Alex Markow
Check out Crossfade's 23-photo slideshow from Banks at Grand Central.

Banks' Goddess Tour
With Movement
Grand Central, Miami
Sunday, September 21, 2014

Better Than: Hiring an elf to tell your ex to "go fuck yourself."

Did you know bitches loooooove Banks?

Like ... We knew she is an extremely talented, passionate singer and songwriter. And we knew she is softspoken in person, though superpowerful on stage. And we knew she released her debut album, Goddess, to great critical reception.

But we had no idea just how many girls are completely and totally obsessed.

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Erasure's Violet Flame Tour - Fillmore Miami Beach

Photo by Sayre Berman
Check out Crossfade's full 50-photo slideshow from Erasure at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Erasure's Violet Flame Tour
With Nina
Fillmore Miami Beach
Friday, September 12, 2014

Much respect to Erasure for this past Friday night. The British duo of singer-songwriter Andy Bell and songwriter-keyboardist Vince Clarke know that their bread and butter lies in the early part of their career, and they are not ashamed. Even though it's called the Violet Flame Tour, after the duo's new album, much of the evening's music covered material from the mid '80s to early '90s. And the near-capacity Fillmore Miami Beach ate it up like synth pop had never gone out of fashion.

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Ty Segall's Manipulator Tour - The Stage, Miami

Photo by Monica McGivern
Check out Crossfade's 64-photo slideshow from Ty Segall at The Stage.

Ty Segall's Manipulator Tour
With Wand and Plastic Pinks
Presented by Sweat Records
The Stage, Miami
Thursday, September 11, 2014

You forget how many varieties of white people there are until you go to a real rock show.

There's the dirty, hairy skinny dude; the twee, soft-spoken sarcastic; the black-clad hipster ice queens; and so on.

Last night, they all showed up to see Ty Segall rip apart The Stage Miami, and there were even plenty of non-white people surfing the crowd, because this guy's axe work is the truth.

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