Win Free Tickets for Erasure's Violet Flame 2014 World Tour at Fillmore Miami Beach


Behold The Violet Flame.

Yes, it's true that Erasure's Vince Clarke and Andy Bell have offered only a glimpse of their impending Richard X-produced slab of synth-pop. (A single is set to be released in July.)

But once summer's fizzled, the entire opus will be revealed. And the English dance-pop pioneers will also embark upon The Violet Flame 2014 World Tour.

Witness the flash. Feel the heat. Win free tix. Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Win Free Tickets for Waka Flocka Flame at Grand Central Miami

Photo by Reid Rolls

As Waka Flocka Flame likes to say: "Yea, I'm on that fuck shit those free tix."

The perpetually shirtless ATL party boy has always repped that life. Well, at least since 2010, when he got famous for "go[in'] hard in the motherfuckin' paint."

Now he's wilin' out 'round the U.S.A. (including Grand Central Miami), promising to "Fuck Shit" and "stomp yo' ass out till the DJ hit the lights."

Of course, all he really means is "this is going to be fun and I'd like to give away some complimentary passes to my upcoming concert in the 305." Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Win Free Tickets for Brand New at Fillmore Miami Beach


As Brand New once mused: "Gave up my body and bed/All for an empty hotel free concert tickets."

This Long Island indie pop-punk crew, known for 2000s emo anthems like "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows," has recently reconvened after several years of being unsigned and inactive.

Now "there is Brand New stuff happening." The foursome's on tour. And we here at Crossfade are giving away tix for the Fillmore Miami Beach show. Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Win Free Tickets for Porter Robinson's Worlds Tour at Fillmore Miami Beach


Porter Robinson says: "I literally fucking love you."

Actually ... He says it a lot. Especially when he's feeling "so caffeinated" and "over-earnest."

The 21-year-old producer was set to be the next epic thing in EDM. But then he decided to reject "the boring, functional music for DJs," as he recently wrote in a note to fans, "that electronic music is currently known for."

He holed up in the studio. He chose to "write music sincerely." And he's finally about to unleash the "complete vision," an album entitled Worlds.

Now, to show how much you are "really, really, really cherish[ed]," Porter's taking the new record on tour and he's giving away free tix. Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Win Free Tickets for Blackalicious at Grand Central


Take some life advice from Blackalicious' Gift of Gab and Chief Excel: "Don't let money free tickets change ya!"

Just like fast women, faster cars, and famous friends, it's crazy how quick comp tix for classic rap shows, like Gab and Excel's joint at Grand Central, can gas a homie's head.

"A year ago," as the Blackalicious dudes might scold, "you were broke, bummin' money, drinkin' out the 40 bottle, livin' outdoors."

It's "here today, gone tomorrow." So check the cut for contest instructions. And always "stay humble."

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Win Free Tickets for Lily Allen at Fillmore Miami Beach


As Ms. Lily Allen says: "It's hard out here for a bitch."

But that doesn't mean the Brit pop provocateur's about to let herself be beat down by slime-ball demands that every woman be some rich, size six that can cook and shake ass.

Nope. She's starting shit. She's fighting back. She's unleashing new album Sheezus. And she's taking it all on tour. Because "there's a glass ceiling to break, uh huh," and "there's money to make."

Now just "forget your balls, grow some tits," and check the cut to win free tix for Lily's show at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

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Win Free Tickets for Kid Ink, Bizzy Crook, King Los at Grand Central Miami


"Iz u down? Iz u down? Uhh, uhh."

That's just Kid Ink (government name Brian Todd Collins), the 28-year-old Cali rapper, runnin' game 'cause he could tell "it's something on yo expression lookin' like you need a taste of that ass some free concert tickets."

Kicking off Miami's annual weeklong Memorial Day holiday party binge, Ink, Miami's own Bizzy Crook, Baltimore's King Los will be "turnin' this whole bitch up" on a Tuesday at Grand Central Miami.

So wanna go midweek ballin'? And never get billed? Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Win Free Tickets for St. Vincent at Fillmore Miami Beach


What is "an ordinary day"?

Sleep, eat a bowl of cereal, sit at a desk, sip some cheap white wine, sleep.

And if St. Vincent's new-ish song "Birth in Reverse" can be considered a fairly factual account of 24 hours in the life of Ms. Annie Clark ... Well, she might add, "Take out the garbage, masturbate."

Now, our daily chores are nowhere near that exciting. But we here at Crossfade do like to spice up the mundane by giving away free tickets to titillating concerts, like St. Vincent herself at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Win Free Tickets for Of Montreal at Grand Central Miami


Don't try to pin a tidy label on Of Montreal, baby.

In fact, when we here at Crossfade chatted with crew leader Kevin Barnes as he prepared to unveil the band's latest album, Lousy With Sylvianbriar, the puckish indie type toyed with us, insisting he "might call [it] Americana maybe" or possibly "kind of like outlaw country," though it's "not really country either" and definitely "not anything like the Eagles."

Now, we'll simplify things and say: Sylvianbriar is maybe Of Montreal's most straight-ahead rock 'n' roll record ever. And if you wanna rock out like "la, la, la, ooh-ah-ah" ...

Just check the cut to win two free tickets for Kevin and crew at Grand Central Miami.

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Win Free Tickets for Mogwai at Grand Central Miami


The key to a quality concert experience ...

As Mogwai guitarist John Cummings might say: "General respect of other lives of other people, I suppose, is more important than a lot of other stuff."

But Crossfade would also like to toss off some shout outs to comfortable shoes, mind-expanding substances, and free tickets.

We can't help with a couple of those items. But that last one ... Just check the cut to win tix for Mogwai at Grand Central.

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