Win Free Tickets for Head and the Heart at Fillmore Miami Beach

Photo by Curtis Wave Millard

Only five years ago, the Head and the Heart were playing the Seattle pub circuit.

But within 12 months, founders Josiah Johnson, Jonathan Russell, and mates found themselves signed to legendary indie-rock label Sub Pop while being buzzed over by critics declaring H&H to be the Emerald City's next big band.

Soon, the indie-folk sextet's self-titled 2011 debut had successfully stirred the sensitive types and beardos. And now, following the release of 2013's Let's Be Still, Johnson, Russell, and gang are truly living up to their popular promise, notching the 10 spot on the Billboard 200 and criss-crossing these glorious United States of America on tour.

Be stirred when the Head and the Heart's show strum into the Fillmore Miami Beach. Just check the cut for free tickets.

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Win Free Tickets for Roky Erickson and Black Angels at Grand Central Miami


Walking with zombies. And surviving the night of the vampire.

As a pioneer of tripped-out rock 'n' roll and the frontman of quintessential 1960s psychedelic rock band 13th Floor Elevators, Roky Erickson -- who emerged out of the wildness and weirdness of Austin, Texas -- notched his spot among American pop music's most visionary outlaws.

His earliest singles, such as 1966's "You're Gonna Miss Me," changed rock and cracked the Billboard charts. But by the late '60s, Erickson had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, confined to a mental hospital, and subjected to electroshock therapy.

Four decades later, though, he's experienced an all-out resurgence, releasing a string of critically revered records, playing major music festivals like Coachella, and making regular cross-country treks alongside younger acolytes.

Now in mere days, Roky Erickson and fellow Austin psychedelicists Black Angels will unleash mind-warping rock upon downtown Miami's Grand Central. It's gonna be an experience to expand the mind.

So check the cut. Win some tickets. Don't miss it.

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Who Wants Free Tickets for RL Grime & Salva's Sold-Out Show at Grand Central Miami

RL Grime and the homie Salva.

The clock tower's chiming. The smiley faces are turning into rage faces. The dancepocalypse is truly upon us.

In just seven days, trap lords RL Grime and Salva will unleash fire, brimstone, and bass on Miami's most cataclysmically inclined club freaks.

Now ... It's true that this low-end doomsday at Grand Central is totally sold out. But since Crossfade believes that no one should miss an armageddon-level party, we're giving away free tix.

Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Win Free Tickets for Toro y Moi's Sold-Out Show at Grand Central Miami

Photo by Patrick Jeffords

As Toro y Moi, AKA one-man electro-pop wonder Chad Bundick, points out: "You're working double just to have a life."

Those lyrics from "Come Alive," his new collabo track with Chromeo, are proof that the self-described indie soulster truly understands existence as a cultured individual in a Great Recession world.

And if you need even more evidence that he sympathizes with being broke, working too hard, and partying too little ... Toro y Moi (along with Grand Central, Poplife, and Crossfade) is giving away free tix to his sold-out February 18 show in Miami.

Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Who Wants Free Tickets for Skinny Puppy at Grand Central Miami?


Remember that bizarro nightmare where the sky was burning, the air smelled like scorched flesh, and a deranged pair of necromancers turned you into a puppet that did a weird seizure dance?

Well, that was actually a Skinny Puppy show. And next week, the pioneering industrial band's cEvin Key and Nivek Ogre will creep into Grand Central Miami for a skull-spinning night of intense electro noise.

Now, who wants free tickets? Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Who Wants Free Tickets for Haim at the Fillmore Miami Beach?


Relationships are tough. So are ticket giveaways. But as the ladies of Haim might say: We know, we know, we know, we know that you're gonna be OK anyway.

After all, you are a strong, independent, and financially responsible person who's perfectly capable of purchasing your own $25-to-$35 pass to the Southern California sister trio's April 29 concert at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

But why not try to win some free tix? There's nothing to prove. This isn't a trap. We're just trying to be nice.

Check the cut for contest instructions.

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Who Wants Free Tickets for Carcass at Grand Central Miami?


Even though, as Carcass bassist, singer, and lyrical mastermind Jeff Walker cheerfully notes, "Life? It's just food for the maggots and fertilizer for the plants" ...

That doesn't mean you can't take pleasure in the simple (and ultimately meaningless) things, like free tickets to an extreme metal concert in downtown Miami.

So quick, before it's time for your inevitable trip to the death factory, check the cut to win complimentary passes to Carcass' show at Grand Central this weekend.

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Who Wants Free Tickets for Blondie at Fontainebleau Miami Beach?


"Dreaming is free." Just ask Blondie.

But you know what else won't even cost a penny? A pair of our complimentary passes to Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, and their crew's Bleau Live concert series show on Saturday, February 15 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Soon, these pop-punk pioneers will be releasing their tenth studio album, Ghosts of Download, and setting out on their four-decade anniversary 4(0) Ever Tour.

Right now, though, Blondie, the Fontainebleau, and Crossfade are giving away ten sets of free tix. Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Win Free Tickets for Macy Gray's NYE 2014 at Casino Miami Jai-Alai


"I believe that fate has brought us here."

That's Ms. Macy Gray, the inimitably and charmingly croaky soul singer. And no, she's not talking about love and stuff.

The lady is saying, "We should be together, babe, for NYE 2014 at Casino Miami Jai-Alai." Especially since the tix are free.

Don't try to say goodbye and choke. Don't walk away and stumble. Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Who Wants Free Tickets for 2 Chainz and Pusha T at the Fillmore Miami Beach?


"Truuuuu!" as 2 Chainz says. "Free is always gooooood."

In a couple of months, the rapper formerly known as Tity Boy and his G.O.O.D. labelmate Pusha T will be setting off on the 2 G.O.O.D. 2 Be T.R.U. tour, a 21-date North American trek that's gonna be turning up at the Fillmore Miami Beach on March 18.

And you know what else is 2 G.O.O.D. 2 Be T.R.U.? We here at Crossfade have got free tix, thanks to the Fillmore and Live Nation, as well as Misters Chainz and T.

Just check the cut for contest intructions.

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