Teengirl Fantasy and Hoody - Perez Art Museum Miami

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Photo by Kassandra Meyer

Teengirl Fantasy
With Hoody
Pérez Art Museum Miami
Thursday, June 19, 2014

It was a grey, rainy Thursday evening, and garbage bags dangled precariously from the keyboards, mixers, and samplers of avant-pop duo Teengirl Fantasy. Setting up under a small alcove where rain and wind threatened to swallow the equipment entirely, onlookers watched the team of Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi as they readied their setup and braced for the storm.

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Manu Chao Performs "Clandestino" en Miami (Live Audio)

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Photo by Sayre Berman
As the show review and slideshow clearly demonstrate, Manu Chao brought that fire to Klipsch Amphitheater on Saturday night.

But while the Rhythm Foundation was busy doling out free box seats to official reviewer personnel, we were livin' clandestino and (not) sneaking into the show. Hey, it's a park, we didn't take anybody's seat.

Manu Chao brought a heavy dose of punk rock to their set, which saw at least six encores, lots of improvisation, plenty of crowd interaction, and an obvious kinship with the people of Miami.

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Download Crossfade's Live Bootleg of the Slackers at Churchill's Pub

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Twenty years in the game and the Slackers are still sharper than a stepping razor.

On Sunday night, hundreds of people came out for the NYC ska rockers, the Duppies, and Miami's own Askultura at Churchill's Pub.

The sound man was on point, the room was full, the booze was flowing, and we got it all recorded. See the cut for a stream of "Attitude" (Misfits cover), and a download link for 16 tracks of the Slackers live at Churchill's.

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Live Recordings With Garcia, Birdman's Clambake, and DJ Heron at Tobacco Road

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Tobacco Road trivia: Al Capone used to get so wasted there that he'd have to take the night off from shooting people. You ever tried to hold onto a submachine gun after twenty shots of whiskey?

Not only is Tobacco Road the oldest active bar and music venue in Miami, but they make a great fuckin' hamburger, have a ton of drink specials, and host live bands seven days a week.

We checked in for a few hours last night, had a couple brews, smoked one with Heron and Oski, and then sat back and enjoyed the tunes from Birdman's Clambake, Garcia, and some cover band with a smokin' hot blonde.

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Colombian Pop Star Marre Rocks New Times Editorial Suite

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Shortly after moving into our swanky new offices at 4500 Biscayne, Crossfade saw the potential for a concert series.

The premise was simple: Musicians come into our editorial suite and perform on a plush white couch overlooking the Ivax building's parking garage. We film the performance, post the vid on YouTube, and then embed it into a corresponding blog post. We call it the Sectional Sofa Series.

And earlier this week, Colombian pop-punk princess Marre popped our concert series cherry. To commemorate the event, she signed a copy of her album, which we're giving away. Just be the first to post a comment and you win. It's that simple.

Now check out Marre performing "Llore" after the jump.

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Crossfade Live: Agnostic Front at Churchill's Pub

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Photo by Ben Thacker
Crossfade Live presents live concert audio from the last nine minutes of Agnostic Front's set from Friday's show at Churchill's. They were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of their first album, Victim In Pain. They closed out their all old-school set with "Gotta Go," "Crucified," and then Vinnie Stigma led the crowd through "Pauly The Beer Drinking Dog." The band is an anti-racist New York City hardcore band who promote unity in the underground. Lead singer Roger Miret is of Cuban descent and has family in South Florida.

Agnostic Front (live) - Gotta Go, Crucified, Pauly The Beer Drinking Dog by crossfadelive

Crossfade Live at Swamp Stomp with Jahfe and The Lee Boys

Jacob Katel
Any given Saturday in Miami the bass, sweat, sex, liquor, music, and dancing flood the concrete tropics like a hurricane on South Beach. This year a bigger, better Swamp Stomp shook the wooden floorboards at The Bayside Hut to their core with more local soul than the Miami section in Heaven.

We got there late so we didn't catch every act, but here are high quality streams and downloads of Jahfe and The Lee Boys' sets complete with hooting, hollering, and of course stomping from the crowd.

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Crossfade Live: Destroyio, Flees, Enough!, Askultura, Hardware Youth, Can't Stand Ya's

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CHURCHILLS BUS outside.jpg
The night before Sweatstock, Destroyio Records threw a great show at Churchill's.

We got most of the whole shit recorded, a full 1.5 hours of music from Flees, Enough!, Askultura, Hardware Youth, The Can't Stand Ya's, and DJ Skidmark presented in high quality stereo sound.

If you like hardcore, punk rock, reggae music, Miami shit, girls screaming, and Misfits or Agnostic Front covers then you should download this album and share it with your friends. Turn it up loud. It's even better through a subwoofer for the heavy room-bass from Churchill's, or all up in your bad brains through some headphones.

Click here for the download link.

Here are streams of a couple of awesome songs from Enough! and a great one from Askultura.
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Crossfade Live: Iko Iko at Q American Barbeque

According to band leader Graham Wood Drout IKO IKO have been playing in Miami for over 30 years. We caught the legendary Dade County killers live at Q American Barbeque on the West End of Miami's Design District on Saturday night. We asked the band if we could record some songs, Graham thought about it then said, "Sure, do whatever you want." After the show he said "Let the people know. We've always supported tapers."

Click here for a download link to a set of live MP3s featuring original songs and covers of "All Along The Watch Tower" and "Wooly Bully".

Lest you doubt their credibility, here are a few words from a 1992 New Times article about IKO IKO.

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Contest: Sounds of Ultra 2010 - Name That Artist, Win a Prize

Jacob Katel
Were you one of the 75,000 ticket holders at ULTRA 2010 on Saturday? If so, then you may recognize the following clip from a major and influential electronic act. Correctly name the artist and DJ and you can win a random prize from Crossfade. Here's the audio we recorded, good luck.

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