¡Mayday! Tells Miami, "Bitch, I'm Back":
The Music Video/Interview Mashup

Photo by Jacob Katel
The ¡Mayday! dudes have a message for Miami, and it's "Bitch, I'm back ... Again."

Ever since joining the Strange Music army, these rap warriors have been patrolling the countryside (from Pigdick, Arkansas, to Shitshoe, Utah, and everywhere in between) on a roadwar for the musical soul of America.

The heavy touring has paid off. The crew's latest album, Take Me To Your Leader, and the followup EP, Thrift Store Halos, are moving units worldwide. And now, ¡Mayday! will be celebrating its return to the MIA with an action packed show at Grand Central on August 31.

We here at Crossfade caught up with Bernz, Wrekonize, Plex Luthor, Gianni Cash, Lt. Hopkins, and Nonymous at their new HQ, Daniel Wills' Armory Studios in Wynwood, to see what they had to say.

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Ice "Billion" Berg's KOD Strip Club Interview: "Adult Entertainment Is a Professional Sport"

Photo by Jacob Katel
Billion Berg and Rick Ross at KOD's God Forgives party.
See also "Rick Ross, Big-Booty Strippers, and 3,000 Ballers at King of Diamonds in Miami (NSFW)."

Last time we caught up with Ice "Billion" Berg about the possibility of signing with Rick Ross and Maybach Music, he was just about to drop his Strictly For The Streets 3 mixtape.

That was only in July. But he's already got another full-length release on the way. It's called Rise To Power and it's scheduled for 4th quarter 2012.

Berg joined Rick Ross on the stage for his recent God Forgives, I Don't release party at King of Diamonds. Surrounded by naked chicks, we spoke to him after the set about the "professional sport" that is adult entertainment.

Here's what he had to say.

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